Purpose of A Solution Revolution

The core purpose is to attract wide spread global attention regarding the full scope of solutions and solutions-oriented collectives, and how to learn about them; the pragmatic possibilities for a whole-systems transformation, and how we can peacefully and progressively navigate such a transition.

A Solutions Revolution is kicking off around the world on Global Solutions Day, 2017

Proposed Common Vision

A world with wise and evolving social systems and technologies that ensure every human being’s basic needs are met, and that empower each of us to be free and supported in pursuing our passions and interests, while we collectively learn how to thrive in harmony with each other, our fellow creatures and our natural environment.

Proposed Principles

The heart of the revolution is being the solution. ​

The information revolution is telling others about the solutions. ​

The compassion revolution is helping others become the solution. ​

The education revolution is learning about the solutions (especially those you love most). ​

The wisdom revolution is seeing beyond our differences to the validity of all life-affirming solutions.

Nonviolence & Peace-Building ~ through peaceful action we manifest peace in the world. ​

Freedom & Responsibility ~ without personal responsibility freedom becomes chaos. ​

Respect & Non-Judgement ~ are cornerstones for embracing our diversities. ​

Compassion & Forgiveness ~ are cornerstones for our individual and collective healing. ​

Cooperation & Sharing ~ we are an immensely diverse co-learning community practicing the art of lifting each other up.

Integrity & Transparency ~ because honesty and truthfulness are the new normal.

Radical Inclusivity ~ We are one Human Family. There is no "Us vs Them".

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