"The most important thing we can do is change the narrative. We need to tell stories about solutions and give people hope rather than struggle with the overwhelming sense of weight and isolation that we feel when we only focus on the problems of the world. We need to encourage, co-operate and inspire our friends, family and community. The solutions to the problems of the world already exist. They just need to be made visible to the public eye so we can implement them at the global scale. Once we expand our worldview to acknowledge the vast scope of the new models, we can create positive change exponentially. Global Solutions Day and The Solutions Revolution are exciting invitations to each and all of us."

Maddy Harland, Editor and Co-Founder of Permaculture Magazine

What is Global Solutions Day?

Global Solutions Day is an open and spontaneous invitation for solutions-oriented people, organisations, projects, communities, tribes, networks and alliances, to self-organise a local and simple event in the nearest city. The intention for each event is to celebrate and promote all the world's solutions and solutions-oriented collectives - AND to physically demonstrate our shared intention to UNIFY and COLLABORATE!

We gather to celebrate the fact that we already have an abundance of common sense, ingenious, grassroots and scalable ecological solutions, social & technological innovations, alternative political & economic models for us to co-create the most beautiful world we can imagine and embody.

We celebrate our growing understanding and acceptance that we, The People, truly have the power to collectively realise a Cultural Metamorphosis and a whole-systems transformation of human society - when we work together. And the countless "solutions" show us HOW we can do this.

We unite locally and in person to connect with other like-spirited and unity-oriented collectives so we may learn and share with each other - and the general public - about all the amazing people and projects who are pioneering a more beautiful world.

We unite globally to show ourselves and all of humanity how many we are and to publicly invite ONE AND ALL into this peaceful and paradigm-shifting Global Unification.

Global Solutions Day is an unprecedented unified civic action that is already supported (informally) by hundreds of inspiring and unifying collectives from around the world!

We are Calling All Tribes for Global Unity and Collaboration to bring our solutions, tools, practices, new models and visions into the streets and parks so that our "mainstream" people can learn how hundreds of millions of people are creating a more beautiful world.

Local solutionary and innovative groups and projects to connect with include:

  • Transition Towns
  • Ecovillages & Intentional Communities
  • Permaculture & Agroecology
  • Holistic Education & Learning
  • Personal Development, Holistic Healing & Shamanism
  • New Economy, Basic Income & Money-free Society
  • Artists, Musicians & Performers
  • Sacred Sexuality, Dance & Free Movement
  • Food Rescuing & Gift Culture
  • Women's circles & Men's circles
  • Conscious Communication & Peace-Builders
  • Social Entrepreneurs & Innovation Hubs
Compassion Games creates "Climate Change"

This video demonstrates how the Compassion Games can change cultures - even in prison and in a high school plagued by gang violence. This is "climate change" for good! Game on!

Posted by Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest on Monday, 18 September 2017

"We wholeheartedly embrace the Global Solutions Day taking place on September 23. This date fits perfectly with the World Peace and Global Unity Campaign. Saturday the 23rd falls on the World Peace Weekend that follows the International Day of a Peace taking place on September 21"

Jon Ramer, Co-founder of the Global Unity Compassion Games

Event Guidelines for Maximum Ease & Impact


"There has never been a more important time to bring alternative solutions to light. It is clear that the old systems are no longer serving us. We cannot wait for something or someone to save us. We are the ones we've been waiting for and the time is now!"

Starr McKinnon, Ubuntu Planet Ambassador

Steps to Organize and Participate - and to promote Global Unity

To organise

​Step 1. Pick a busy, but open location in your nearest city, create the event here [link will be on website], and announce it on the Global Solutions Day facebook page. We suggest picking a location near The Eye Contact Experiment, also happening on the 23rd (if there's one happening in your city), so you can promote their deeply aligned and popular event: the solution of human connection.
Step 2. Find, connect and meet with local co-creators. The suggested format is relatively quick and easy to organise so one meeting, even the day before, should be enough.
Step 3. Coordinate banner and inspiration board preparations.
Step 4. Show up, have fun & go with the flow
Step 5. Celebrate!

​To participate

​Step 1. Share the event and this website throughout your networks
Step 2. Show up, have fun & go with the flow
Step 3. Celebrate!




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