The Global Transformation Movement

The Solution Revolution is a global civic action, unlike any the world has seen.

Global Transformation Movement

Today there are literally hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of groups working for a better world. The term "Global Transformation Movement" (GTM) attempts to capture this planetary movement that encompasses the full spectrum of interests, innovations, ideologies and methodologies related to environmental protection & stewardship, social change, political & economic reform, indigenous culture, activism, humanitarianism, spirituality and personal development. It spans all religions, cultures, nations, age-groups and sexual-orientations. It includes NGOs, communities, tribes, grassroots projects, ethical businesses, cooperatives, networks, alliances, movements and more.


"Throughout this vast, diverse, creative and uplifting movement we have preserved and are spreading the heart and roots of humanity’s ancient knowledge and wisdom. Simultaneously, we continue to develop countless ecological solutions, social & technological innovations, equality-based economic & political models, and ever-evolving pathways for exploring the realms of human consciousness — including our inherent oneness, and how we relate to ourselves, each other and our natural environment. In other words, within this movement we already have everything we need to create the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible"
Charles Eisenstein

Media Blackout

Remarkably however, news about this movement is conspicuously absent from the mainstream media, which means that most of the human population is completely unaware about all the new and emerging possibilities for how we, as a species, can all live in complete abundance and equality — as opposed to the current paradigm of artificial scarcity and hierarchy. This “imposed ignorance”is perhaps the most influential factor in maintaining the (dysfunctional and separation-oriented) status quo.


Furthermore, even within this movement most people have no idea of the full scale of the diversity, magnitude, genius or, most pertinently, the latent potential of our unified collaboration. Despite the rapid acceleration in innovation within all sectors, practically all the pioneering organizations and communities continue to operate within silos, re-inventing wheels, and individually struggling for funding and public exposure and support. Thus, we are urgently called to devise creative ways and means by which the GTM can first become aware of itself as a collective body — sharing the same core values and aspirations — so we can then rise above the radar of the mass media in unison with a lucid, inspirational and resounding message for an everyone-inclusive cultural transformation.

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