"We have the knowledge and technology to provide for all and to reduce our impacts on the environment. The emergence of a global civil society is creating new opportunities to build a democratic and humane world. Our environmental, economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and together we can forge inclusive solutions."
The Earth Charter (2000)

Humanity is on the verge of self-extinction, while we already have everything we need to thrive. We have a Global Transformation Movement that is abundant with practical, common sense and diverse solutions for all our global, local and personal challenges.

To get a taste of some of the most effective and popular (grassroots) solutions here are four inspiring and solutions-oriented documentaries that everyone should see:

The New Earth Planetary Database

A global team of new paradigm web-tech designers and programmers are co-creating a “New Earth Directory” to catalogue, map, connect, showcase and curate all the world’s solutions and collectives. This portal will serve as a whole-systems, unified and distributed online directory, map, collaboration hub, academy, toolbox and geo-social network for people, projects, solutions, collectives, global unification and systemic transition.

In the meantime, to give you a taste of what’s to come, here’s a small selection of inspiring existing solutions libraries and pioneering systemic alternatives.

Solutions Libraries & Directories

Systemic Innovations and Global Game-changers

The primary social structures that currently influence human society are the financial, economic and political sectors. Below is a small selection of new models that can help us to comprehend the practical possibilities of a whole-systems transformation into a society with wise and evolving social systems and technologies that ensure every human being’s basic needs are met, and that empower each of us to be free and supported in pursuing our passions and interests. As our directory grows those links with the most hits will reflect our popular interest and resonance, that we can also curate through peer review, polls and online voting systems.

Finance, Economics & Business

Governance & Politics

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