Dynamics of Unification

Besides our shared principles here are some key insights into building unity that have emerged through our collective intelligence and experience.

The Solution Revolution is a global civic action, unlike any the world has seen.

Taking Responsibility

For our thoughts and actions - To co~create a human society where compassion, sharing, honesty, cooperation, kindness, forgiveness, authenticity, diversity, celebration and reverence for all life are (becoming) normal- it begins with us. Each of us is responsible for consciously evolving our emotional intelligence through our relationship with others and with ourselves.

All solutions are equally valid

- all life- affirming solutions, innovations, blueprints, architectures, technologies and methodologies are considered equally valid and welcome to show themselves. This “radical inclusivity” greatly eliminates the need for competition and debating about which is best. All solutions will be openly evaluated (over time) on the basis of proof-of-concept, use cases, peer review, accessibility, scalability, adaptability, global and local public support, collaborative intent and compatibility, cost, whole-systemic and local impact etc.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Our shared vision, our shared principles, and our shared intention to support the purpose of the Solution Revolution is what connects all people and collectives to this emerging global movement. By recognizing our common ground, even with groups we may resent, we amplify our chances of realizing our shared vision..

Who cooperates most, thrives the most

Groups that are working on similar projects are encouraged to explore how they can complement each other and create synergy (the whole that is greater than the sum of the parts). This naturally reaction alone will have a bonding effect because we’re eliminating the need for competition. As the global transformation movement begins to recognize itself as an inherently aligned collective, so does it begin to rise above the radar of the corporate media.

By walking the path

we make it visible for others Each movement has its pioneers, co~creators, innovators, and early-adopters. This movement is being pioneered by those are deeply committed to embodying unity-consciousness. As more and more of us unite and rise above our differences, so do we inspire others to do the same, soon becoming a snowball of inspiration and conscious evolution.

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