Who We Are

The pioneers, co-creators and space-holders of the Solution Revolution are all part of an emergent global network of change makers, indigenous wisdom keepers, spiritual activists, transition specialists, visionaries and unifiers who are converging through the experiential understanding that we are all essentially working on the same planetary project: a cultural metamorphosis that empowers every human being to be free and supported to live their highest potential.

The Solution Revolution is a global civic action, unlike any the world has seen.

We Are An Action Learning Community

All the contents of this website (including the design etc.) are offered as a basic framework for all people who feel inspired to co-create and participate in The Solution Revolution (SolRev). As an action-learning “organism” we give balanced priority to taking action (e.g., rapid prototyping) and harvesting the systemic learnings from those actions. Action and learning become partners in synergy.

The vision and the principles are all propositions that are based on independent research, experience, polling and patterns that indicate the common ground of the global transformation movement. By providing proposed vision and principles that are “good enough for now, safe enough to try”, we can effectively begin to unify and build on a clear and concise foundation that simultaneously invites ongoing improvement and conscious evolution through attracting wise and skilled stewardship and popular engagement.

The Solution Revolution is rooted in the premise that together we have everything we need to enable a thriving people and planet.

This applies especially to how we organize ourselves.

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