Why The Solution Revolution

A Whole - Systems Transformation is Needed for Planetary Change

The Solution Revolution is a global civic action, unlike any the world has seen.

By centralising money and power our social systems (financial, political, military, economic, media, education, etc. — all essentially one hierarchical system of control and manufactured scarcity) have become the primary cause of our escalating global crises.

While within these systems there are countless ethical, well-intentioned and innovative people (and solutions), most of them would probably agree that the overall system isn’t working, and that money and self-interest are indeed causing escalating levels of corruption, profiteering, abuse of power, and disconnection from the true welfare (and potential) of the people and planet.

The main reason this failing and old-world system is still being tolerated and supported by the “general public” rests heavily on the facts that most people believe that we are powerless to change the system. The primary cause for this prevailing and disempowering cultural myth is that the public are completely uninformed about the existing wealth of common sense solutions and alternative models that we already have, including the vast and inspiring global transformation movement that is developing, testing and sharing them.

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