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An Educational Presentation - This video is exposing [...]

London, Ontario
via World Citizen Solutions
An Educational Presentation - This video is exposing the psychological warfare operations that involve portraying real world events in a fictional medium that marginalizes and sensationalizes the subject matter. These operations present factual information in a genre (such as sci-fi) which strains credibility, dissuades serious discussion and investigation of said subject matter. Not only have these psy-ops been very effective in dissuading, distracting, and confusing people, they have excelled at preventing people from taking crucially important issues, seriously. One major example of this is their continuing psychological warfare campaign in relation to an ongoing E.T. presence engaging the earth and the human race, the technology/science involved as well as the suppression/embargo of said engagement along with areas of science relating to free energy/propulsion technology.

In this video presentation you will see compelling evidence of how a television show (XFiles) was blatantly used for psychological warfare purposes, targeting a number of key issues and events.
That's interesting. I'm not sure where these 'vehicles' are from. I don't really trust Greer, somethin funny there. If they let him come out with it , it must suit them. I don't believe we live on a spinning 'planet', it's more like a realm not spinning but motionless.. I suspect they're all from here or maybe other dimensions if they exist. Used to be into Greer not now. Thanks for posting though, Justin.cheers
Thursday 2 June 2016, 03:22:55
yea interesting, thanx Justin.. i like greer up to a point too.. i think xfiles was/is one of many psy-ops out of hollywood and tv.. why are there constantly dowzens of tv series about police, medics, war, etc.. there seems to be quotas for yearly film releases too, like there's gotta be a certain number of alien movies, military movies, scary movies, political, etc.. there's a lot of mixing half-truths and "secrets in plain sight"into these things and twist them to the effect they want the viewers to precieve things, desensitize them, etc.. or the classic- just show them the truth on tv and people won't believe it's actually real cuz of the cliché "that's only in the movies"..
Thursday 2 June 2016, 21:47:24
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