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Hello all my friends adding myself the circle in Wisconsin. [...]

Brown Deer, Wisconsin
via ESG - United States - Southwestern Wisconsin USA
Hello all my friends adding myself the circle in Wisconsin. We need more to join
Cosima A
Hi Hank! Welcome. I'm new to this myself. I'm also eager to get something started.
Thursday 2 June 2016, 22:19:48
I'm in Wauwatosa ...
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:40:24
I'm in Pewaukee
Monday 26 February 2018, 17:23:15
Monday 2 April 2018, 04:25:32
[deleted user]
I just arrived. Hello to you all. I am very happy to be here. Its been a long journey.
Sunday 15 April 2018, 16:16:50
Cosima A
It's nice to have a platform but it's unclear what we can do. Is it just to discuss issues or take action? what kind of action?
Monday 16 April 2018, 17:08:37
[deleted user]
Cobra would say something like. "Connect with your higher power to recall your mission, position/opportunities and carry it out."
Meditation is very important. If you see and opportunity to bring light to a dark place then what are you waiting for? Internet socializing alone is almost worthless.
Monday 16 April 2018, 19:31:13
[deleted user]
look for duality and the duality enforcers. When they see someone catching onto the greater reality they come with there dummy sticks to beat fear ,pain and lies into the awakening. Or if your already in the negative 4d plain they will offer you money and protection,,my be a job.. I have found that most so called 3d and negative 4d authorities refuse to address even the most basic and obvious subjects of concern. Or they focus on"Debunking "
Monday 16 April 2018, 20:01:15
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