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My school district is corrupt and rotten to the core, [...]

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
via The Full Circle Project
My school district is corrupt and rotten to the core, can anyone give me insight, ideas, or knowledge on how to combat this. Anyone thats close to the Pittsburgh area??…
hmm, see about petitions, spreading this info locally and letting ppl know that their tax money is being irresponsibly used.. tax strike? teacher strike? superintendent sacking? the public school system is pretty much corrupt all together tho right?
if you guys in Pitt make a big enough stink about this, other areas will take notice and will be inspired..
Thursday 2 June 2016, 14:06:03
Get some others on your side- is that feasible? Do all the above to highlight the situation including any media outlets. And take the children OUT of school. I dont mean for a day, either Really the more i see and hear the more radical a response i feel is called for. We are PAYING for our children to be brainwashed and even brain-damaged in some cases. And that's the least of it. I have my own son out of school and it can be organised sufficiently at community level to provide support as needed. Self-directed learning is miles better than what is currently being passed off for 'education' and makes more sense to me than continuing to support ANY current state schooling, or many 'others' come to that. I know this may seem unreasonable and will take some adjustments, but I'm pretty hot under the collar as i see how dire things have become. This is the kind of organisation we could spread at the FCP as without some radical changes in the education sector any enthusiasm in the learning relationship will be entirely lost, as will the next generations. lets find a way through this... :-)
Thursday 2 June 2016, 15:45:55
Its really tough to get people on the same page, the frustrating part is that people just want to bow down and die paying for corruption, everyone is asleep here.
Thursday 2 June 2016, 20:48:54
Indeed.. I took a look at the local fb page to 'join this conversation' but seems to be mainly football fanatics. How about contacting some of those residents who are 'angry' and don't think the responsibility rests with the tax payers. Like Rev. Barry Givner according to the report. Get a group together who prefer to act rather than move out of the area... and find out who IS to be held responsible. SomeBODY must have signed off on the issue of that money- the 'former business manager' for instance? What are the 'major changes necessary' that are mentioned but not detailed? Definitely find a way to highlight this level of corruption and disruption (also to the school kids?? I mean, does anyone ask about the consequences?). My feeling is that things might just have to get this bad and worse before enough people reaLIES that 'nobody has been minding the store' on a BIG scale. Mining it more like!! Please keep us updated on this news Spear- perhaps we can pull in more experienced advise, but do look up those who are NOT going to lie down and accept things. Even if its just one more.. blessings and thanks for bringing to our attention.

Friday 3 June 2016, 06:20:30
every time I post anything regarding whats going on with our world that is dangerous to our health and lives 5g,network ,Agenda 21 , GMO ,Chemtrailing ect. on my facebook page I get no response or I try to talk to people they shut you down thinking your a Tin Foil conspiracy theorist including my own family very hard and frustrating and most people are so distracted and fighting over Politics when behind the scenes all this stuff is going on and rolling out!
Wednesday 7 February 2018, 16:40:13
sorry folks I am new on here did not mean to crash your school feed i am just frustrated and overwhelmed at all the corruption and destruction that is going on against everyone
Wednesday 7 February 2018, 16:44:29
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