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Greetings Brothers & Sisters! Are any of you familiar with [...]

Los Angeles, California
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Greetings Brothers & Sisters!
Are any of you familiar with the organization Fellowship For Intentional Community?
Here is a link to their website:
I am just beginning to peruse their site but thought it worth sharing as a possible support system re current laws, logistics and others' experience, resources etc.
Mat Dowle
Interesting... thanks for sharing
Thursday 2 June 2016, 21:00:12
There is a Ted Talk - Have a Pint -Change the World by Ryan Saari on The Oregon Public House. A non-profit pub -
The spirit of Ubuntu.
Friday 3 June 2016, 02:48:27
Cat Sun
Yes! They were actually listed on thebfellowship of intentional community website!
Friday 3 June 2016, 04:12:01
thank you for your devotion Cat Sun! you are helping so much and it is making a difference. i have tried to inform my family that lives in long beach cal. and southern cal. but they have not joined...i will continue to inform them! when i visit cali again i hope to meet more Ubutnu family.
Friday 3 June 2016, 11:00:24
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