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Does anyone know of a reliable news source that simply [...]

San Antonio, Texas
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Does anyone know of a reliable news source that simply analyzes what's really going on in politics and the world? I have a feeling Alex Jones is not legitimate.
Alternative, Justice gazette, or activist post online.
Friday 3 June 2016, 02:19:03
Awsome Thanks!
Friday 3 June 2016, 02:58:50
[deleted user]
Alex Jones and Drudge Report have become almost comically tabloid. ZeroHedge too for that matter, they were bought out years ago by ABC media. While not broad-ranged news services, people like Lyndon LaRouche, Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, and others have been pretty good at forecasting economic and geopolitical events. There's Jeff Rense and the "rense radio network" with its crew of people. Lots of alternatives out there, who really knows what's going on? Nobody. Who can spot the symptoms and patterns best? Few.
Friday 3 June 2016, 03:44:18
Try Corbett Report & BoilingFrogsPost / Newsbud. Unfortunately at the moment even the alternatives are saturated with the
US election
Friday 3 June 2016, 08:31:56
Is anyone following or heard of the Neil Keenan or Benjamin Fulford reports
? Interested to know what other people think.
Friday 3 June 2016, 08:35:16
Yes both very good Also We are change by Luke Rudkowski, is very good! Also the Intercept and Canary are good for UK news and hang the bankers. Lastly Dollar Vigilanty with Jeff Berwick more financial news
Friday 3 June 2016, 08:59:41
Also the x22 report is a good listen too :)
Friday 3 June 2016, 09:00:31
LisaM you hit the nail on the head! James Corbett from is probably the best place to start. He works with Sibel Edmonds from quite often. I believe Newsbud is the way of the future - it is crowdfunded through Kickstarter and I really hope they make it this time. Here is a link to the solution:…
Friday 3 June 2016, 14:18:58
Neil Keenan and Benjamin Fullford are controlled opposition!
Friday 3 June 2016, 14:19:58
Thanks for asking! ☺
Friday 3 June 2016, 14:20:34
Trygve - I kind of thought that
about NK & BF, just trying to work out what their agenda is
Friday 3 June 2016, 15:28:25
Being confronted by so many possible realities is a confusing challenge for me. Ever since I woke up 5 years ago and my "reality" was stripped away, I have been searching for truth tellers. In general, it seems to me, anyone suggesting the solution is on its way (just wait) is trying to deactivate you. The fact that you are reading this (or NK & BF) is proof that you have more awareness than the general public. Every word those guys say is designed to pin you down.
Friday 3 June 2016, 15:46:21
I concur with Trygve, and you must trust yourself. Many alt. news has some truth inside, others are complete fabrications, and you begin to be able to tell when you listen with your heart.
Friday 3 June 2016, 18:50:56
Energy Kool
Just my two cents for you, Cristolva, instead of trying to compile such a huge puzzle of uncertain intel why not simpler try to envision your own version of reality as you would like it to be for everybody and it might even come into manifestation. In Light. <3
Friday 3 June 2016, 23:41:49
Trubedor ( Jon Rappoport) is good
Saturday 4 June 2016, 08:42:04
Trubedor also good James Corbett
Saturday 4 June 2016, 08:44:41
[deleted user]
All the above are good sources of information. Think its important to have a broad range. As some-one else once said "The truth is a persons own perceived reality not the same truth as yours" or something like that lol.
Saturday 4 June 2016, 19:49:46
Can't go wrong with the Daily Richie Allen radio show. News and great guests.
Sunday 5 June 2016, 12:13:42
I agree with Fred we have to read as many sources as we can. I even sometimes read the propogdamedia in order to get a taste as to what they are feeding. It’s important not to believe on story I like to see it from at least 3 differing source before I begin to trust it. And also share share and listen to other comments about it :)
Sunday 5 June 2016, 18:39:18
Here is the first episode of Newsbud featuring Peter B. Collins. Other news contributors include Sibel Edmonds, Spiro Skouras, Pepe Escobar, Pearse Redmond and more. I have been following most of these people individually for a while but, now they are all together. This is truly a crowd funded effort. This first episode is free. You can find much more information on this group through Kickstarter, YouTube or Sibel's page…
Monday 6 June 2016, 15:37:23
Thanks everyone... I finally feel connected to like-minds and look forward to contributing myself....
Friday 10 June 2016, 22:55:35
Energy Kool
Wonderful. Much Light and Love to You <3
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 12:18:54
[deleted user]
'Prepare for Change' is reliable in my opinion. I thought Alex was good for one thing only and it was the "Bohemian Grove" clip, that's it. Too much fear porn otherwise, IMHO.
Friday 17 June 2016, 19:17:19
Friday 24 June 2016, 00:17:22
livestream news each weekday at one in the afternoon
Friday 24 June 2016, 00:17:47
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