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methinks A W A R E N E SS is [...]

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
via FCP - Netherlands - Noord Holland
methinks A W A R E N E SS is key - it's a big word, but even bigger tool!
yes indeed OXmi, I agree... I spoke yesterday with Alan Eriera of ALUNA, the film made by him at the request of the Kogi in Columbia, and one of their principle messages as i understand it is that we become more aware of our thoughts since this is the same as our behaviours/actions etc and of course the consequences of these thoughts which form our 'reality'. Very worthy to contemplate and immediately accessible to us all. Look out for the conversation when its posted here and I'd be interested to explore the implications of this re-KOGnition here with anyone willing. Sometimes I 'think' we don't need to put our attention on any other approach! Blessings insights and awareness ;-)
Saturday 4 June 2016, 06:00:31
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