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Ok , I don't want to really say this theory [...]

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Ok , I don't want to really say this theory but, and I hope I am wrong, I've had the niggles
On Monday its 06/06/16 , according to many researchers the powers that shouldn't be, are big on numerology , would love any thoughts from you guys here , I feel like a pimples going to pop soon, maybe because here in the UK we are having so much fear porn on the brexit vote , would appreciate any feedback x much love , Gaynor x
Gaynor, any entity or event needs to resonate with you in order to have some power on you, otherwise you don't know each other exists. Usually you resonate with things you focus on or you have in mind or feel. The fear of something connects you with it and makes it possible for you. So, no fear, no doubt, it is really fine. Focus only on what matters and that will expand. My grandma expressed that a long time ago in a simple and efficient way. She said: "you cannot serve two lords" - meaning you need to decide between the + or the - and forget the other one. :)
Friday 3 June 2016, 21:07:35
[deleted user]
Yes, there is something coming, there is always something coming, they're not done yet. There will be another significant event, likely this year. When, how, where, who will it affect, are the questions. It will affect us all, eventually, whether we resonate with it or not. How many starving Venezuelans are "in tune" with their hunger tonight? Beware attempting to forecast the actions of the international power elite using numerology, or any other means. I believe it can be done by directly "viewing" them, but even then, timing becomes tricky. These people are sorcerers, they understand the workings of the universe, they rely heavily on occult knowledge such as numerology, astrology, and other understandings. They do a lot of their work on and around festival days, such as the solstices and equinoxes, and around moon phases or other planetary alignments. They particularly seem to enjoy harvest time for many of their more violent plays. Rather than relying on numerology, dates, cycles, etc., I would suggest that it is far more accurate to listen to those prickles you're feeling, and hone your intuition, maybe even work on your remote viewing. We are far more psychic than the average person believes. The problem with this kind of internal work is one of clarity. A perfect way to make sure that you never see anything accurately is to allow others (researchers, news stories, cover stories, etc.) to color your intention by influencing your emotional "levers". Complete detachment is the only way to get accuracy. Listen to your niggles, but make sure they're YOUR niggles. How? Understand this; you're going to die someday, and none of this is going to matter, so why sweat the small stuff? Now, peer into the crystal ball, what do you see?
Saturday 4 June 2016, 08:05:24
Thanks guys , I am so happy with your comments and opinions, going to stay positive and happy x love you all
Saturday 4 June 2016, 08:51:07
damn Shamanic, you Engineered a lovely response there!
Saturday 4 June 2016, 10:50:57
He's the man !
Saturday 4 June 2016, 12:33:49
[deleted user]
- OK.. You've got me at it Shamanic/Gaynor/Chris and AwakenYerMind - Saturday is my day off - I have too much time to think and that usually gets me in trouble - So After Shamanic said that Elites do most of their work on the Solstices (which I didn't know) I began to get curious about the dates of the Euros and who was playing when - Turns out On Monday 20th June the day of the Summer Solstice - Russia will play Wales in Toulouse France ..Some friends of mine were evacuated from Old Trafford on the last day of the season due to the bomb scare - It turned out to be a false alarm but couldn't help thinking that the circumstances around it were very strange!! - Somehow they forgot to have a count up on fake bombs planted during a training exercise which resulted in a single dummy device being left behind unattended for 3 full days only to be discovered on the day of kick off!!.. Thank God is was fake - my friend said "if it was real, the people inside the stadium would have had absolutely no chance".... So we now have the usual training exercise before the event - Russia vs Wales(cue blame the Russians) - A government worried about the outcome of Brexit on the 23 June - All falling around the day of the Summer Solstice.. I know this is me putting 2 + 2 together and coming up with 5 by the way as I don't believe in predictions - especially where the elite are concerned and I totally agree with what the other posters have said on the subject..... I do get the feeling however that they are unsure of the outcome of Brexit and they need something big to sway votes.. Probably just be an exercise in vote rigging again - but an interesting set of circumstances surrounding the date none the least - Shows how easy it is to get carried away with this stuff - I blame you lot!
Saturday 4 June 2016, 15:22:47
yo Carl Carlson.. interesting ideas you got, thanx.. weird that the scare wasn't immediately corrected and the people and authorities who were training didn't just step in a say "oh crap, we forgot one! it's ok everybody, it's just a fake- carry on w/ the match!" but no, they didn't, and why do similar training drills happen around the same time of terrorist attacks?
so the occult practice of black magic and numerology goes far beyond false flag events and blood sacrifices.. i think the higher intentions are to anchor lower vibrational frequencies on earth.. solstices and other synchronized alignments seem to offer windows of extra energy, which is used for and by dark as well as light forces.. ancient structures comes to mind with their architecture and placement that's perfectly aligned to certain constellations and seasons, etc- it's like these structures were designed to harness the inflow of subtle energies at specific times or something. France has a lot on its plate right now and i hope nothing transpires throughout the euros and that any false flag plans are called off- like during the london olympics with the cancelled ufo invasion.. no need to get carried away with this stuff, it's interesting to keep in mind during these times, but i'm not looking to read into any predictable scenarios based on illuminati numerology and such
Saturday 4 June 2016, 16:37:39
Sorry Carl, didn't mean for you to spend your Saturday down the rabbit hole, ! ,
Saturday 4 June 2016, 17:42:25
Awaken, great comments as usual my freind, I've still or the Niggles though, maybe I've picked up some black goo,! Hope a large vodka will dissolve it tonight ! And hey Carl, total white out here today sprayed like mad on Friday, 😰
Saturday 4 June 2016, 17:45:32
[deleted user]
Ahhh... So thats
why they tend to pick the Pagan celebration days - makes sense .. And Yeah - There are many things that happened at Old Trafford that didn't weigh up as you mentioned above..Why wasn't there a simple count up??- O.K we planted 10 dummy bombs and have only found 9 - We've now got 3 days to find it before Kick Off? - It cost Man Utd something to the tune of £5 million in refunds!!..Its hard to believe that they could be that stupid??. I've messed up at work before but that's taking it to another level of wrong!. It's this that got me slightly apprehensive about the Euros and considering the Phychopaths track record !!....And yeah it's very strange as to why there is always a practice drill before the actual false flag event?? - Apparently they like to show the public what they are about to do before they do it - some kind of sick ritual maybe??.. Like I said - pure speculation from my part though - I am actually Looking forward to the Euros myself and confident everything will go smoothly - France will make it spectacular as always - And I go with the false hope that England will get to the Final;).. Cheers AYM.. Appreciate the info bro.👍
Saturday 4 June 2016, 17:56:12
[deleted user]
Yeah - It was extra bad on Friday G - Maby this is why I'm coming up with all these crazy conspiracy theories!!??😉
Saturday 4 June 2016, 18:03:43
You need re foiling Carl, and beer 😜
Saturday 4 June 2016, 18:05:16
Saturday 4 June 2016, 18:07:48
haha, cheers fellas! always a pleasure to chew the fat
Saturday 4 June 2016, 18:27:12
[deleted user]
Good conversation here, one that's close to my heart on a number of levels. There's a lot of misunderstanding out there in the world about the occult, particularly among Christians, but also with the "new age" crowd. Allow me to share a little of my understanding of the subject, expressed in a matter of fact way, but not meant dogmatically, feel free to disagree, disregard or deride, it won't bother me. The notion that the occult is "satanic", used only by the "Illuminati", or associated in any way with the "dark side" is mistaken, it's actually the other way around. Some dark forces use the occult, while some don't. The word "occult" simply means "hidden", and refers broadly to the unseen forces in play within our universe. I'm not speaking of anyone's "god" at this point, but of those forces that control the motions of the universe and the phenomena we see. These are very simple, but that doesn't make them easy to understand, due partly to their hidden nature. At its simplest level of manifestation, the universe is composed entirely of interplay between male and female polar opposites, what we call "polarity", some call it "duality". Together they create a disturbance in the "force" that inspires motion. This is what is spinning in a quark, in an atom, it's what binds atoms into molecules, on up to what moves the stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. This motion is change, the only constant in the universe is change, nothing is static. That which is polarized "male" is constantly changing into female, and that which is polarized as "female" into male, endlessly, with brief neutral "top dead center" points of rest at the transitions. It is perpetual motion, and it is eternal. It's fractal, in that the simplicity of its construction can be observed at the largest levels of manifestation, and no matter how far you drill down into it, continues to unfold into the same basic patterns. It is holographic in its nature in that it is made of light (what is light?), and every piece contains the pattern of the whole. Quantum physics is starting to scratch the surface of this. While it is mathematical, it is not merely quantifiable, it has also distinct qualitative components, which is as or more important than "quantities". This is where the subject of numerology comes in. At this level, mathematics is a language, a symbology, it represents concepts not quantities such as weight or distance. The universe, with its simple design pattern of "polarities" and their interaction creates stress in what our ancestors called "æther" or "ether", which is that which fills all of "space" (its not a vacuum). This stress manifests as electrical energy, an energy that is present in everything in the universe. In addition to the polarities at work, now the entire universe is interacting with and upon itself on a more subtle level as these electrical energies mingle and affect the other parts. The primary polarities are male / female, these reach out through lines of force and stretch throughout the universe, and the interactions they have are inductive in nature. This is what creates matter, from quark to planets to stars to you and I. This is where astrology comes in. Astrology is the study of the capacitive and inductive nature of universal bodies upon each other. You exert very little (but still some!) influence on the Sun and Moon, while they exert a tremendous electrical influence over you. These influences affect your body, your mind, and your spirit. The planets (including ours) and other stars in our vicinity also are interacting in very powerful ways. There are only so many influences though, they're what you might call "archetypical". They're coming from everything and the interactions compound so they have a specially seasoned "flavor" at every moment because the universe is constantly moving, its never in exactly the same place twice! In the early days of radio, the Radio Corporation of America, or RCA, knew all of this, they had devised their own system of "radio astrology" to "predict" radio wave propagation. After using this system for years, those engineers began to notice that the humans around them were also following predictable patterns according to the same measurements. Again, the quantities began to reflect qualities. The international power elite know all this (and much more) about the nature of our universe, about how you work within it, and what they can do to maximize the impact of the "motions" or "disturbances" they create in the "force" such that they work sympathetically "in vibration" with the forces around and influencing us. In a nutshell, this is the real, over simplified, "occult" nature of resonance. You too influence this within your own little sphere, you can even extend it out quite a bit, some are pretty good at it. There are techniques to make it more effective, and understanding the universe and how it works is just the first step. This is what we have been teaching at "mystery schools" since humans first began walking on this planet, not how to commune with "the devil". This is the essence of the Quadrivium, and stretches back into prehistory. So, you can predict many things through astrology, you can predict qualities through numerology, and you can understand human nature, even predict it to a degree. Where you will have an enormous amount of trouble is predicting human intention (particularly that of an adept), and the exercise of free will, using any kind of mechanistic system or device. You can see that oh, the energy for harvest is good at this time of the year, maybe even a particular kind of harvest, but what, and who, will be harvested? Much tougher! For that, you need to be able to poke your head out of time and peer across space, remember events before they happen, but this is already too long, and I'm out of time. ;)
Saturday 4 June 2016, 22:47:30
wow, yea.. haha, thanks for all this- you seem to put in the time to explain much more than what i hinted at and i'm glad you distinguished better the fact that occult knowledge has a taboo about it as if it's only "devil talk".. i can't see much distortion in this at all- bravo! seems like you've been tapping into the akashic records ;)
Tuesday 7 June 2016, 17:37:03
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