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Can anyone tell me how to actually become a world [...]

Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken
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Can anyone tell me how to actually become a world citizen? I've been following Ken O'keefe's work for a while. He stated in his most recent video that he'll be making a new documentary that should be coming in mid-May and that a huge announcement would be made about becoming a world citizen around the same time. I'm still holding my breath! Does anyone have any updates? I'm always checking the website and YouTube but there hasn't been news for 3 weeks or so. Cheers!
yo, check this link out.. someone posted it last week regarding world citizenship...…
Saturday 4 June 2016, 14:39:28
Thanks for the link! Never knew there was a world citizen passport.
Saturday 4 June 2016, 14:55:28
no problemo
Saturday 4 June 2016, 14:57:34
[deleted user]
Good reference. The World Government of World Citizens ( is an organization created by Garry Davis in 1953, and is based on the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, but is not a UN organization (despite what many "alarmed" individuals on the 'net think). See here (…) for more details. The process of becoming a World Citizen involves registering yourself with the organization, applying for your "papers", then (optionally) notifying your local (non-world) authorities of your revised citizenship status and intentions. There are flaws with their organization, assumptions are made, false beliefs are promulgated, but they're minor, and I think they're on the right track, generally. They've had success where many have failed. The organization is based on the notion that your rights are inalienable, inherently part of you at birth, your body, mind, and spirit are yours, a part of the infinite intelligence, of Satyadharma (…), and thus all rights are recognized without a constitution and reserved without an enumeration of those rights.
Saturday 4 June 2016, 17:25:56
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