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I just received a notice that a new person joined [...]

Seymour, Missouri
via The Full Circle Project
I just received a notice that a new person joined the Full Circle near where I live in Seymour, Missouri, USA. I would be interested in knowing other folks in the USA and explore ways to make a better world. You are welcome to checking my website that is still under construction. One of the blogs has some of the high points of my life story. Also you may give me a call at- 417-935-5552 Lincoln B. Justice
IAM Source
Hello! I am domiciled on the land of the Ozarks, and have formed the Missouri Ozarks Circle. Please feel free to contact me: charlie 417-679-4682/[email protected] I telephoned you earlier to day however, there was no answer. Namste
Sunday 19 June 2016, 20:18:20
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