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I'm so excited and i just can't hide it [...]

Fayetteville, North Carolina
via Ubuntu Planet
I'm so excited and i just can't hide it Yeah!......My Ubuntu T-shirt is here!!!
Can't you hear the music.......…
Nichola Lake Gilbertson
Mine too! I've been wearing it all weekend.
Sunday 5 June 2016, 05:16:28
Deleted User
Would love to see pictures :)
Sunday 5 June 2016, 08:24:44
Nichola Lake Gilbertson
How do I post pictures here Janet?
Monday 6 June 2016, 18:59:57
Deleted User
You can't yet I"m sure Mat is working on it. He is the revolutionary that gave us this platform. So clever.
Monday 6 June 2016, 21:02:01
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