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In a whirlwind of thought I had scribbled down some [...]

Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
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In a whirlwind of thought I had scribbled down some thoughts on how a community grow food program could work in community's in my province. Any one lucky enough to live in a place where a garden could be had. use these green spaces available just out of our front door.making use of the growing season's as it stands Garbage pickup exists and Compost and recycle programs exist.these are a door to door service.At the break of spring a harvest bin arrives at the end of your driveway. a bin consisting of information on the "SEEDS" contained with in the bin. and a to the point tutorial on Planting, Care and harvest. at the end of harvest people can use and or Put in their harvest. to put their harvest in on the day of harvest the bin collection trucks will make their round and collect harvest and the bins to be contributed to the communal food bank. to bolster this event the harvest season will bring the harvest festivals, and will spotlight local cooking talents in a taste test taste off of foods produced using the harvest. chefs can opt for Preserved goods or readily consumables.

(this was just a flurry of thought its not perfect lots of room for improvement)

I see So much wasted space in my community there is a field outside of a school completely derelict the field its self is large and fertile it is surrounded by houses across the street is an old Farm stead growing purely weeds and dandy lions... so much wasted space but surrounded by people who with the 3 hour a week plan could have those fields so ripe and bolstered full of vegetables and fruits. living in that farmstead across the street, is a dude who works in an office building living there. the land could be Doing something even if it isn't him doing it.
no one knows how to grow anything most of us are lucky to keep any given basic house plant alive, too busy working forgot to water it seems to be the common cause of house plant death.

to teach real practical survival knowledge this program could spear head that learning in to the younger generations and reinvigorate old green thumbs.all it takes would be 1 attempt after the first harvest plots will have been set and the second harvest will be larger as re working the soil will be easier instead of Breaking soil.

I had a dream. I dreamed I had a ticket I flew I walked I arrived I opened my arms and another one opened their arms I was home. I was with the others again I had been separated so long I had forgotten how safe it felt to be with the others again. I was finally home on the earth I was born on.

I will be with the others again we will all be together again.
I like that. Drop off a bin of seeds with instructions. Pick up a bin of harvest. Could happen each week in the growing season.
Tuesday 7 June 2016, 02:48:14
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