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The Full Circle Project Talks with Alan Ereira; ALUNA, an [...]

Eastbourne, East Sussex
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The Full Circle Project Talks with Alan Ereira; ALUNA, an urgent message from the Kogi.…
Mat Dowle
The Full Circle Project Talks with Alan Ereira; ALUNA, an urgent message from the Kogi. Alan Ereira, film-maker of "ALUNA" takes time out with us to highlight the urgent need to communicate the message from the remote Kogi People of the High Colombian Andes. The Kogi are profoundly frightened by what we are doing to the world, but also well aware that we have no understanding of the forces which we are unleashing. They believe that the only hope of survival for mankind is if we can learn why they are so scared, and they know that we will only believe what we can see. Their spiritual leaders are raised in the dark for their first 18 years, to communicate with “ALUNA”, the thought process that shapes and maintains reality, the source of life and intelligence. They then become Mamos (Enlightened Ones). Some work at remote places which they call “hot spots”, where they believe living energy pours into the world. They guard their isolation and secrecy so that they can continue this work. But now they believe their work has become impossible in the face of our destructive greed. Now they have another message to share, and we all must listen…Watch and digest the film first, then listen as Alan gives his perspectives some years after the release of ALUNA (Consciousness). If you watch the film with others, you are bound to have some deep and reflective conversations and feel compelled to think, behave and act from a different level of awareness.
Wednesday 8 June 2016, 13:27:16
Dawid J
The Law of One ? Hmm... World is getting weird or is it only me?
Thursday 9 June 2016, 04:56:11
it might just be your perspective on it.. has some of the best, non distorted channeled messages you will ever read.. time to think way beyond 3D
Thursday 9 June 2016, 09:08:16
We realised we didn't touch on the all-important aspect the Kogi delivered about the water so here is a small comment from Alan: "while we do not have to change our lives, we must, absolutely, look after the rivers. These are the key to life, and however well-intentioned, huge projects to divert and manipulate rivers put vast ecosystems at risk. The classical example is the Aswan Dam, which has not only wrecked Egypt’s agricultural economy but has also wreaked havoc on the fish stocks of the eastern Med. And that, by comparison with dam projects now, was just a small one!" We can expand on this and ways of how to learn to respect water and re-inform it (something we all have access and ability to do) in further discussions..
Thursday 9 June 2016, 19:37:00
a river runs thru it- u bet i knew it! i resonate with this quite profoundly and it's sad to hear and see throughout the years and just learn about it being in europe.. but i know globally, rivers are lifelines from the mountains/valley to the sea.. speaking of egypt, heard of the Argha Noah "waters of chaos" that were celebrated since fresh water would come in and nurture the life around it? anyway, i've dwelled on rivers in europe for a long time- look at any major city in the old continent- how many have a river nearby? obvious reasons for that, but the damage to the quality of water in rivers due to unscrupulous human activity since how many centuries? we can definitely expand on all this...
Thursday 9 June 2016, 23:18:01
Dawid J
AwakenYaMind I think I didn't say this right... I'm actually all in for the concept of the Law of One. It's just, so many things has fallen into place for me regarding this recently and the message that Kogi are trying to give to the modern world seems to go in the same direction. I'm just overwhelmed with emotions and weird thoughts as I'm reading through first book. I'm taking my time to let things sink in a little, but the more I read the more I have a feeling that deep down I knew it all along
Thursday 9 June 2016, 23:39:16
right on! that's the way to go, which you already know... i feel the same reading upon such concepts- after a moment the words seem to be written by the reader almost.. we are remembering! getting back to source and piercing the veil... keep on keepin' on ;)
Thursday 9 June 2016, 23:50:04
The natural river course might well offer us a visual interpretation of yet more ley lines made more visible to us, earth blood etc... look how we have been containing and controling the river's path in so many ways.... often see them going to burst their banks (Barclays?)/walls and flow back to natural CURRENCY..all tied in with currency flows , no? Stream on.....-)
Friday 10 June 2016, 11:29:15
haha- stream on.. i like those those current(cies) flowing towards the natural paths.. i see what you mean with the ley lines- provokes interesting visions..
Friday 10 June 2016, 11:45:23
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