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I cannot continue to comply with all the government and [...]

Reno, Nevada
via The Full Circle Project
I cannot continue to comply with all the government and bank regulations and control over every aspect of my life. I draw the line at the forced education of my daughter in public schooling and common core. I want out. I want to be free. I cannot even modify my home to be green or use alternative energy because of building permit regulations. I want to just live and raise my daughter and teach her truth and get her away from television and electronics. I want OUT of the system but I don't know where to go! I was not even allowed to name my own child what I wanted and was forced to register her birth with the wrong name and prevented from correcting her certificate, and when I refused to complete the registration process she was blocked from attending school for not having a registered BC on file, and then the police came to my door to threaten me with arrest for breaking the law by not having my daughter in school and told me CPS WOULD TAKE HER IF I DID NOT COMPLETE THE BC REGISTRATION PROCESS. She is being taught lies in school, if anything at all and taught to tell on her parents if they say anything contradictory to what the school is teaching. Meanwhile, there is BO WAY for me to pay my bills and keep my home no matter how hard I work or how many hours I work. The middle class is being squashed out. Everywhere I look people are being forced into the low income range where they have no choice but to become dependent on government programs. If you refuse to do that, the fines and fees and legally required expenses like taxes, insurance, registration, utilities, and now medical coverage, are impossible to cover on the income of a middle class person. They are forcing a two class system of elite rich or government dependents. I see the future. I am awake. But WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? I am ready to ACT, but I don't know how and I have to still consider what is best for my daughter. But I do t want to raise her this way and lose her to brainwashing and the dumbing down of America. I need guidance.
Dawid J
I feel your pain brother... It's much harder to take yourself out of this system once you have a child. That's how they keep you in the system - by threatening they will take your child away.
Thursday 9 June 2016, 04:39:16
Dawid J
That's why I moved to New Zealand. It's another country ruled by the same principles as everywhere else, but didn't went as far as US. Did you check what are the requirements for home schooling? Or are there any alternative schools around your area? If you can't get her away from the school - focus on teaching her to think. To question everything. Do as much creative stuff as possible. Let her draw, paint, write. Support in any idea she has. Even if it's stupid. Let her make mistakes. And the most important - encourage her to read. But not anything - something of substance. Or read to her. All she needs to learn is not stupid common core or idiotic false history - she needs to learn there is never only one side of the story and there's not a single theory in the world that doesn't have other, completely opposing theory. There's no right way to do something. There is just a way. She will struggle, she will have problems at school, problems with brainwashed 'teachers', but all she need to do is keep her creativity and curiosity going despite all that brainwashed crap. I'm struggling with it myself, I don't like some of the things that are happening at school (even if it's 10x better here than was in my own country), but I'm always repeating to my daughter that I really don't care about grades, or what teachers said. I'm telling her she is just a human and can be wrong as everyone else. That teacher can have old or wrong information and school is not about memorising this or that. This system sucks, it's designed to change us into mindless drones, but some of us will never change and will never give up.
Thursday 9 June 2016, 04:49:48
Rize Above
This is a very powerful post Desmond! I feel everything you said. This is the case for so many of us, it's like we're being slowly suffocated. So many different things beating us down. I too really want to act on this, and push for our freedom. I have such an inner feeling though that our chance for this freedom is coming very soon! I don't know exactly how or when but I do know that through Divine Intervention very soon we will be fully equipped to defeat these evil n corrupt sysyems, and win back our freedom. Hang in there man, and keep hold to your faith , and hope. Our time is coming!!!!
Thursday 9 June 2016, 06:57:12
Desmond, as a parent I can sympathise with how you are feeling. I have two children, son who is autistic and a daughter who is an individual and likes doing her own thing. Lately Ive been getting reports from her school that my daughter is escaping out in the playground when she should be doing work like other kids. Secretly I congratulated her in my mind but on the outside I feel sick when I tell her that unfortunately this is how the school works and you just have to follow the rules. As an awakened parent nothing is harder than telling your child to conform when you know its wrong. We may not have much money like a working person might but we have been able to make some changes in our household. No more junkfood, limited tv however BIG on creativity whether that be painting, drawing, creating movie scenes with Lego as my son loves doing, reading, imaginative play, dress ups, imaginative bed time stories. We also bake all of our own goodies like cakes, biscuits etc and get the kids involved with cooking. I can see that the world has set its war on creativity, there are many shops in my area that won't stock coloured pencils or paint. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, Ive been researching about how to make natural dyes and paints from food. I know its hard, but don't let them beat you, show your human ingenuity and think and act on activities that you can do with your daughter. If she is aware of the name that you wished to call her when she was born- then keep that. Call her that as a nickname, something that you and her share together. If you are able to, take her out to forests, show her how to connect with nature. My dream would be to live in a cave and live the true Free Life that all humans are entitled to. Hugs and <3
Thursday 9 June 2016, 08:45:01
Powerfully expressed and deeply caring responses. Desmond, lets bring this to light more in the next symposium as they are issues of great concern to many (ultimately to all) and together we can be supportive and shift things into a stronger position. For me, my relationship with my son made me determined to take him out of school- also by respecting his own wishes- and even tho'not easy nor a perfect environment, a self-directed learning path is far far better than what passes for 'education' as we know. Really all this calls upon our morals and sense of Self to stand up and say "NO!" And of course guidelines along this path are what we are all here offering. Thank you for these emotive posts and for sure we can put into practice some remedy.
Friday 10 June 2016, 11:44:59
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