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Hey Folks.. check out my song 'Side by Side' written inspired [...]

London, Greater London
via The Full Circle Project
Hey Folks..

check out my song 'Side by Side' written inspired by Tragic Events
in the World Today and the deep divides we have on this Planet..
this song is aimed at bringing people together regardless of their colour or their creed..

please re-post and reach out if you like what I and my Band
are doing... Everything you see and here is self made in my home studio
by myself and the guys.

We really appreciate you taking the time to support a
homegrown grass roots project created
purely from blood sweat and tears and a belief in what we are doing as well as belief in following our Dreams and Aspirations in the face of overwhelming odds and Adversity.. for it is when facing challenges in Life and through willingness to sacrifice for the sake of something greater than ourselves that we find out who we really are, and our
purpose as a Sentient Being, as well as our will and our drive to see through that which we have Dreamed of and Longed for in our Childhoods
and to realize that these things don't have to just be Dreams that they can be Realities if only we apply a more positive and Bold way of thinking than many these days employ and to see that really life is what we make it.

One Love
Charlie Rhymes…
Harry Carr
07931706691 dorp me a text
Monday 13 June 2016, 13:57:50
Really nice and touched me inside - thanks!
Thursday 21 July 2016, 22:19:33
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