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IM a Video Producer and I have a Sports [...]

Jackson, Michigan
via FCP - United States - Midwest/MI/Metro Detroit
IM a Video Producer and I have a Sports Network ,, Im amazing with Computers and technology ,, Soldering and electronics is second nature to me
IM in Jackson Michigan and have been approached by political party to help but none have come close to my vision as this ,, please feel free to contact me for collaboration
I have begun the transformation on my block with simple helping with gardens ,creating our own, and neighborhood gatherings where we discuss simple improvements for the block. I intend to expand ,, but sometimes im like 80 grit sandpaper
Energy Kool
I have like 20 broken SMPSs lying around. THe best would be to be able to fix them but am not.
I have to pay to recycle them so it's not on my options.
What would be the next best option to do with them?
Thanks for what you do.
Thursday 9 June 2016, 19:22:06
cool beans Muggzie! video producer? dope, i'm always open for collaborating.. i was curious as to who on FCP might be good at making videos and such.. i have some ideas in mind, feel free to send me a private message and check my profile/youtube channel out to see a bit of what i'm about.. i'm not up to par with your skillz, but the intentions are there.. peace
Thursday 9 June 2016, 23:42:27
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