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Hello and yet another amazing day everyone!! The most [...]

Manitou Springs, Colorado
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Hello and yet another amazing day everyone!! The most recent article including part 4 of the UBUNTU Contributionism book review has just been released. If you have already read the book, excellent! Hop in and start a discussion. Don't have a copy of the book yet? No worries, come read the review and get a summary while you wait for the book.

Have an amazing week everyone and be on the look out for part 5.…
Hi Oz, I just "toured" your amazing website and am so grateful that someone has stepped in to provide the resource to connect many of the dots for the Ubuntu Movement. I had a vision of this but neither the skills or courage to pull it off. My mission with Ubuntu lies elsewhere. I do have a small suggestion for your website. Even though I have a fairly large screen for my computer, the text seems a bit small & hard to read at times. I've made a few websites and have always tried to make things as easy as possible for folks to be able to "get the message". Please give it some thought. Thanks again!
Friday 10 June 2016, 15:55:57
Thanks OZ
Saturday 11 June 2016, 11:25:23
Thank you for the update Sky, will do and thank you Pedro.
Monday 13 June 2016, 19:48:06
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