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A very important message to ALL Ubuntu Contributes. My name [...]

Graz, Steiermark
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A very important message to ALL Ubuntu Contributes. My name is Shane Chad Jooste, I am South African and currently reside in Austria. This is probably going to sound crazy to some but I'm at the point where I at least need to try so here it goes.

I have been wanting to create an eco village for quite some time, since hearing of the Ubuntu concept and ''way of life'' rather. I have met someone who is willing to share the same way of life and too has land which is very important for our campaign. He has managed to secure private water source on the land itself and food is able to be grown at very good quality. In order for us to take this project further we will need more support. We will need people who can build, supply wood and material so that we can build other facilities in order for us to grow. He owns a cannabis store (very small and new at the moment), there for with the right contacts, are able to supply clothing as well as natural remedies and other products that can be used by this magical-all-purpose plant. A very strong hemp-rope is also possible, which can be used for other uses.

This is a serious and big project and with the right help we can make a huge difference in our city. Now it is a matter for me, at this point in time, to bring people together so we can make these dreams possible for us ALL. Together we make the differences and the rewards will be so abundant. I would also like to thank Michael Tellinger for being such a huge positive influence and inspiration on my life, for that I owe you my services.

I now ask for help. If there is anyone out there who can help please contact me on the Ubuntu website.

I would like to thank you, the people; who believe.

Namaste and Peace upon all
Hi Shane,
Saturday 11 June 2016, 20:41:13
Go to Waterval Boven in South Africa and support Michael T. in the current 2016 Ubuntu Elections so your dream can be realised and protected.
Implementing the Ubuntu plan of action, as outlined by Michael T.
1 To win a local election
2. Install an Ubuntu municipality and Council of Elders
3. Provide our own electricity supply for every town under our control-hydro or more exotic kind (this one step will unify the community).
4. Launch a diverse number of Community Projects like food, water, improved heathcare, engineering, dairy, bakery, etc
5. These are well managed and coordinated by a chosen team of experts in that field.
6. Everyone is asked to contribute 3 hours per week to these projects in return for the free electricity.

The rest of the blueprint for humanity can be found at..............

Hidden Origins: Phasing in Ubuntu (June 2016)

Season 2, Episode 6
Available worldwide
After his participation in the South African Elections of 2014, Michael Tellinger learned firsthand that the election process is staged and crooked. But there is always a silver lining. He reveals to a live studio audience that his actions created a virus of consciousness which has slipped into the political process. Now, the focus is upon bringing the principles of Contributionism into municipal elections with his bullet point plan of action. This workshop was originally webcast June 6, 2016.
Michael Tellinger
- See more at:…
Saturday 11 June 2016, 20:46:50
Deleted User
Good luck my brother - Janet George Western Cape RSA :)
Saturday 11 June 2016, 20:48:21
Thank you all
Sunday 12 June 2016, 12:02:50
Philipp S
Thank you shane
Sunday 20 November 2016, 11:03:37
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