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Hello UBUNTU Minneapolis. At our last meeting, I gave [...]

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Hello UBUNTU Minneapolis. At our last meeting, I gave myself the homework assignment to send you all some links and attachments that I think will be helpful. Here is a link to Michael Tellinger's website. Click on it and add it to your favorites bar so you can explore there whenever you have time.
Here is another really cool link. It will allow you to track the progress of the political efforts in South Africa as we get nearer to the August 3rd elections.
Monday 13 June 2016, 18:16:54
This is a link to the Ubuntu Planet Circle which is worldwide. You can zoom in and see other local circles area circles (like Texas, LA and Australia). If you scroll down and click on "Explore All Local Chapters" you can sort by size. You'll find that our Minneapolis circle is the 10th largest. Let's grow our circle and make an impact on the world. Here is the link:
Monday 13 June 2016, 18:25:59
You might already have this link saved in your favorites. It brings you to our Minneapolis UBUNTU Circle. Soon, our next meeting will be listed so you can register to attend on July 9th, 2016. I will work on a location and an agenda - just save the date for now. Here is our link:…
Monday 13 June 2016, 18:31:25
Kari H
Thank you for the info and links Trygve! I really appreciate all you do for Ubuntu Planet USA and our Minneapolis Ubuntu Planet team.
Wednesday 15 June 2016, 02:10:50
Amanda D
Thank you Trygve!!!!
Friday 17 June 2016, 20:15:56
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