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Hello Ubuntu community. I was hoping that I would [...]

Cashmere, Washington
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Hello Ubuntu community. I was hoping that I would find some people closer to my region here, but I guess that what I get for moving back home. I lived in Portland for a few years in my early twenties. My roommate and I came up with a system of currency, or lack there of, that we called the contribution system. Its pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Everyone would contribute because of a sense of pride in community.
I moved home because I didn't want my children to grow up in a city. I feel that my family and I have a strong local community, but I don't feel that I am able to appreciate it fully because all I do is work (I recently signed my life away for 30 years so I could have a place to raise my children). I know that I am missing out on a big piece of this life. I often have imagined my goal of finding a place where my friends and family can all live. Just live, grow, create, and dream of what could be. The more I come to terms with how disgusting our culture has become, the less I can stand the idea of letting my children go to school, to become indoctrinated slaves.
I guess what I am getting at is, is anyone in this circle is trying to build a community? Hoping to find others with kids. Most of the communities that I hear about are just a bunch of old stoners where everyone is poly-amorous. I'm not gonna judge anyone, but that's not what I'm looking for.
Please let me know if your in the same boat, maybe this could be the start of something.
hi Soup, read my post about A4V, promissory notes, UK, US and whole world in bankrupty. you can pay ALL your bills with A4V (acceptance for value) because we are involuntary bankruptcy. More and more people are finding out about the Cestui Que Vie, Evidence of life (we should do it at least once every 7 years otherwise govt takes your estate). Then you won't have to work hard. Meanwhile see Mortgages are a scam on Facebook ~ the banks don't lend us money ~ they use our signature to create promissory notes. See Ken Dost on Facebook.He's done 8yrs of research into his own mortgages in the US and the banks have made $94million out of his mortgage. In the UK people are using common law and contract law to beat the corruption and learn about sovereignty ~ we are the sovereigns. x
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 11:35:54
I am likewise, looking to start a community here in Asheville, but at this point am thinking I will move wherever the community pops up. There is a woman in Colorado wanting the same. I have a 10 year old who I home schooled for a year, but had to send her back to school to go back to work. Just so frustrated with the system...and I am NOT a poly-amorous, old stoner, (no judgement here either) just a celibate, single mother wanting a better life.
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 13:06:37
For those or you with children please look into the birth register process. When our parents register us they 'abandon' us and then the state/council become our 'owners' and the parents become guardians. Then the govts set up a trust and bond us to sell on the stock markets. Our nat insurance/social numbers are the bonds account no.
See Scroll to icons at bottom of page, click Savings Bond Calculator, Series=EE if born/bond taken out after 1982, E=before. Denomination=$10,000. Bond Serial Number=NI/SS/Birth Cert/NHS no. Issue Date=mm/yyyy bond issue. CLICK on calculate. goes blank and see table. Denomination x Value=Bond Value.

Starve the govts. And take your money away from Govt and councils. When you filled in the 'electoral-registration-form-that-wasn't-an-electoral-registeration-form' your signature was used by the HM Treasury to draw down £295,000 and councils received between £100k-£180k per year per adult. Learn about Cestui Qui Vie Trusts. Look up your Nat ins bond ~ See Facebook ~ Sack the System, Surrender The Citizenship, Dave Witcher, Elisabeth Nolson, Claire Kennedy, Acceptance for Value vs Promissory notes, Stamp duty, Bill Turner, Romney Stewart etc.
I don't have children and i'm picking up that the govts and councils (incl social services) are bending and breaking the laws and taking children away from parents. For example in the UK whitsleblowers, activists and normal people who spot criminality and corruption are being harassed and having their children taken into care, esp if its reporting pedophilia or embezzlement by govts or fracking. In the UK you can get a form 206 evidence of life which (or some other way of your choosing e.g. an affidavit) and every 7yrs you show you're alive and put your children on these documents as your 'property'.
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 13:57:01
Hi Soup. By the way, what is your real name? I peeked and saw you're in Washington. I also am looking for a community for my family. We live in San Diego, and I'm ready to move into something else right now We've been researching established communities out there. I'm also wondering why we (meaning other members on this site) don't research all the tiny towns out there that seem interesting and offer the right weather, resources, etc. to start a community and all move there, and get a new mayor elected. My kids are 8 and 4 and I want them to be a part of something good and better than what we have. I've refused to let my husband buy a house. It's incredibly difficult to afford one here anyway, but I don't desire him to slave away to pay for a mortgage payment while I homeschool (unschooling right now) our kids. I feel like we need to do something now, not wait and wait and wait. But I have my kids to take care of and my family, and making big change is too daunting by oneself. We really need a community and a group of people to do this together.
Saturday 18 June 2016, 06:19:33
It would be wonderful to start our own schools as well! As an educator I know what the current public schools are doing, and have a vision for what we could do. I have five grandchildren- kids are very important to me. I will be in Washington in July, moving back eventually.
Thursday 23 June 2016, 07:10:33
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