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The world went into bankruptcy in the 1930's (UK 1931, [...]

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The world went into bankruptcy in the 1930's (UK 1931, UK 1933, rest of world late 1930's). Since then we have traded Promissory Notes (see your money notes and read the 'I promise to pay the bearer ten pounds' (of what?').

So Acceptance for value is the way we should be paying all our bills and our cash is to pay for private bills (local workmen, shops, etc). Which means that we don't have to rent our money from the Central Bank thus reducing the national debt.

Facebook ~ A4v & Promissory notes
Hello and welcome to the group! Please direct all new people to this Pinned post to get them started.
Please take a look at the information below as a beginning point to comprehending how "accepted for value" and "private promissory notes" work as payment for your liabilities. We are not authorities on this, we are self taught and have somehow come together as a collective gathering of minds to help achieve real results in these processes and share them so that the masses can be relieved of the debt slavery system and theft of our energy.
Accepted for Value - A4V explained..... VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ....
We ARE in full bankruptcy (involuntary), section 11- trading with assets (you, me and everyone else are the assets) and so in bankruptcy the agreement is that all debt is to be forgiven, but we haven't been told this, so, how do you pay for anything if you are bankrupt? Not to forgive debts is in full violation and dishonour of the bankruptcy we are currently in, and in this bankruptcy we operate a prepay account, this was done because you are “involuntary” in your bankruptcy status.
A commercial system such as this cannot deal in tangible equity, and so your prepay account was created, this is your “National Insurance Number” cleverly disguised as a means for them to charge you for nothing!!
A4V (Accepted For Value) is a mechanism for choosing to use your prepay account to settle and close “Proposed Liability Statements” this is done when a bill/proposed liability statement is sent to you addressed to your legal appellation by using either all caps or the “legal Title” Mr,Mrs,Miss,Ms, Dr etc, as soon as you accept these you are in contract!
So to correctly pay/offset these Bills/Statements that are all illusion you need to pay with a type of funding solution from the same system, you cannot pay with tangible equity, it has to be paid with the illusion that brought forth the bill in the first place.
This process applies to any bill regardless of its source, so utility bills, council tax, tax demands; PCN’s anything that has a proposed liability. Notice it is a proposed liability, NOT an actual liability; they are accompanied with a payment slip to allow you to remedy the proposed liability.
NOTE: If they come without the bank giro credit payment slip, write across the actual notice itself at a 45 degree angle going from left up to the right the following:
EXEMPTION ID (red ink)
NAME IN CAPS (red ink)
NI NUMBER (red ink)
SIGN AND DATE (blue ink)
Turn over the document and sign and date it in the bottom right hand corner.
ARE YOU WITH US? If you are still unsure, a quick search on YouTube will bring up many examples of how to do this (some below to start you off)
This now becomes a valid negotiable instrument to discharge the 'debt'. You can now either send it back to the originator along with a cover letter (see files), however, you will find this is received with a lot of resistance, so you must stand your ground and lay out the claim of your right to do this- yes, you have the right to do this due to being born into bankruptcy. The alternative is to send it directly to the treasury with a covering letter; below is an example that some people have been using...
Greg Hands MP
Chief Secretary to the Treasury
HM Treasury
1 Horse Guards Parade
Dear Mr Hands,
I have enclosed a negotiable instrument to be set off against my Exemption Account.
Please offset this billing by routing through and ledgering against the private exemption account of John-Doh.
Private Offset Account Number (enter NI number) at HM Treasury
For credit to "ABC Energy/Barclays Bank etc"
For further credit to the account of: YOUR NAME IN CAPS: NI Number
April 20th AD 2016 (example date)
All property exempt from levy.
All rights reserved
Yours sincerely,
Your name Spelt-Correctly <like this however you wish to be represented, ie of the family, sovereign etc etc
No assured value, No liability. Errors & Omissions Excepted. All Rights Reserved.
* You may also wish to understand the 'why' more before you try it. Knowledge is power after all. To understand why there is no 'money', we suggest you read the following: The 'Bills of Exchange Act 1882' and how YOU are a banker, The Consumer Credit Agreement Act, specifically section 123, paragraph 5 on "Negotiable Instruments".
* You can pay your Utility Bills, Tax, Council Tax, Bedroom Tax and Bank Loans using this system. Bear in mind that the correct term for a mort-gage is a home-loan
* This method is not to be used for private debts (loan sharks or your neighbours/friends etc)
* If you are unsure as to how to deal with bailiffs or debt collectors then it is worth noting that we do not have a consistent timescale for how long it takes for this method of payment to clear, so you may want to continue to make minimum/fixed payments until you see a credit on your account from either your promissory note or A4V payment.
Here are some explanatory YouTube videos to help you to get started, there are many more when you start to search.
Michael Tellinger explains creating Promissory Notes
Mark Ceylon explains Accepted for Value
Paul Webster Explains Transfer by Endorsement to a company
Wesley Ahmed explains transfer by endorsement process

How to create your own Promissory Notes - Michael Tellinger
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Great thanks for sharing
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this post is huge! (double meaning).. thanx for this Lizzi.. it's bookmarked for future delving ;)
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