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Mat, I notice that sometimes a single post will appear [...]

Savage, Minnesota
via Ubuntu Planet
Mat, I notice that sometimes a single post will appear to repeat many times over. Allison just posted a message allowing us to link to the next Collaboration Session. It appeared inside our Minneapolis specific UBUNTU Circle once and several times in the parent circle UBUNTU Planet. I wonder if this is a clue to the reason it appears to repeat. She probably has that number of sub-circles which she posts and the posts always appear on the parent. Is this a function that can be turned on or off?
Mat Dowle
Yes, as it stands posts "cascade upwards" so anything posted in a local Ubuntu circle (a sub-circle of the main Ubuntu) appears in the feed of the "parent" circle (in this case the main Ubuntu circle). In this case I would have suggested posting in multiple local circles was unnecessary and it would have been better to just post in the US circle. I'll have a think about how this situation can be best avoided.
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 16:42:03
Allison told me she wanted to be able to post in the US circle and have it trickle down to all the sub-circles. That would be nice but, I don't think there is a function for that. In my case, I would like to be able to post to my local circle and decide whether or not it will go up to the US circle. It sometimes does get copied up and sometimes does not get copied up. I don't understand - is there a switch somewhere that I haven't found yet?
Tuesday 14 June 2016, 17:38:47
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