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Hi people, My name is Radek and I'm new here.I live [...]

Franklin Park, Illinois
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Hi people,
My name is Radek and I'm new here.I live in Franklin Park.I came over Ubuntu on Gaiam tv and like the idea.
Welcome! I saw the first couple episodes of Tellinger in Gaiam tv. Good stuff. This woodstock circle is a small circle and inactive. There are tons of others within the United States to get involved in though. But its always great to meet like minded people from your area.
Wednesday 15 June 2016, 18:23:33
Welcome Raddek
Thursday 16 June 2016, 13:51:20
David T
I too am new to this and i have done alot of research on this and love the concept, i have followed the resourcbas3d economic
Sunday 10 July 2016, 19:28:44
David T
System and i think there is a middle ground that will work, but i see a transition problem here, but im am still researching the whole matter, i welcome all unput, thank you
Sunday 10 July 2016, 19:30:42
David T
Sorry input
Sunday 10 July 2016, 19:31:26
Nicole Lorenz
Hey All! I am an Illinois Ubuntu State Coordinator:) I am organizing a meet up up for the Chicagoland area. Would you please, share your email address if you are interested in connecting.

In resonance!
Nicole Lorenz
Tuesday 18 October 2016, 16:56:29
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