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Any thoughts? The Full Circle Project welcomes you to an on-going [...]

Casares, Andalucía
via The Full Circle Project
Any thoughts?
The Full Circle Project welcomes you to an on-going series of short, sharp interviews and updates from activists and free-thinkers with suggestions for the most effective steps you can take in your own life and local community.
Here we speak to Michael Tellinger of Ubuntu Planet, a Liberation Movement combining political and community action.…
I’m a huge fan of the UBUNTU project
Wednesday 15 June 2016, 17:53:49
[deleted user]
I need time to sink it in in order to start apply it in where I live I definitely share this so long
Thursday 16 June 2016, 09:52:51
Yes there is not much happening where I am but hopefully it’ll grow
Thursday 16 June 2016, 11:11:17
[deleted user]
As long as I came up with idea to brew Kombucha at home and share surplus with neighbours. It cost nearly nothing and improves everyone’s health and well being. Some people would like to give something good that they have got and then slowly I try to get everyone on the board of sharing with each other sour dough bread, sheep meat,... what ever good extra you have at home ... it is right direction
Saturday 18 June 2016, 10:12:20
Good work sylvester! I like the effort, i’m looking to start brew Kombucha. MY problem and i know it’s no excuse but i’m broke, I can only just afford to feed the famiily and pay bills. Although I have another job lined up working three now, hopefully soon I have some suplus cash and can got some og my initiatives going. I have some great ideas and am planning away a small cash injection and i’m rolling. :)
Saturday 18 June 2016, 15:12:16
[deleted user]
Equality333 So you saying that you are so poor that can not afford to make for your self sweet black tea? Kombucha grow by it self it just sugar and tea. With out money we all are rich and we just need to unite and cooperate. Do it slow with smile on your face collect friends instead of money , collect people with skills and connect people, introduce them to each other by showing them how they could be mutually beneficial to one another. The game of the rich people Is to put poor people together for their own benefit. It is about who knows who and have connections is in it? If you make 10 nourishing each other social connections then you have 20 people willing to help you out, 20 peoples social networks makes easier for you to find a job ore what ever is that you need according your own agenda. If you use just your own social network, that is just one persons acquaintance. Please do not suffer Make your move make changes you have to be flexible to adjust to life changes. Don't get stuck in one position that gives you pain, and fear to loose what you have paralyze to seek better. Life is a jungle you have to move and adjust as you go that what makes you healthy happy.
Friday 24 June 2016, 09:25:19
I am woking on it and trying to source something to brew it in. I spend my money on feeding my familly with organic food. I am studying parttime and have recently done an eight week placement with no pay. I can’t wait to be self-sufficient and scrap money.
Friday 24 June 2016, 13:42:37
I am buying the culture. unless you know a differnt way i am all ears :)
Friday 24 June 2016, 13:43:28
[deleted user]
there is one more example how to do it in your local community do like ex Baltimore cop…
Saturday 25 June 2016, 17:16:05
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