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From a video can’t rember who’s sorry. I looked into [...]

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From a video can’t rember who’s sorry. I looked into Crisis cast... my god you can’t write this stuff. Check it out and share. Can you ever believe a terroist attack again, if you do that is ??? Look at their customer includes G4s, their policies, their team member ex army, ex police ex security....
I noticed on there that they have a business set up in sydney, just found out who the real culprit is to the Lindt cafe siege in Sydney, thanks for sharing :)
Thursday 16 June 2016, 09:26:55
Yes I knew there was crisis actors as many of these false flags you see the same people popping up, also people looking down to their script in interviews. But to actually openly have the agencey online just shows how confitdent they are people will follow it hook line and sinker, how wrong they are SHARE SHARE SHARE
Thursday 16 June 2016, 11:10:12
E333 how do I share this? I would like to however Im no longer on facebook, I believe Im still in google+ hangouts.
Thursday 16 June 2016, 11:25:20
Talk to people !!! I have also left all social media they are censored and just designed to get evience against you. I find the best way is to bring up the conversation and tell p
eople about the video or show them. I recommed downloading the video from youtube using FastestTube extension as they have a habit of dissaperaing
Thursday 16 June 2016, 11:30:24
Good for you E333, I don't plan on going back to social media as really I can't think of a good enough reason to be on there. I can do that- talk to people about this video. I don't own any spy-ware (iphone's and any other digital devices starting with i). Ive written down the link- so I can pass this onto others when I speak with them.
Thursday 16 June 2016, 11:44:55
Good work Rach, keep it up :)
Thursday 16 June 2016, 20:38:46
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