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Hi everyone! I was very disturbed with this Lates Blog [...]

Miami, Florida
via Prepare For Change
Posted on Tuesday June 14, 2016" Could anyone with more info on this topic explain a bit further. Cobra had said about a month ago that the chem trails were stoping. I saw few after words but i have not seen any in some time now. Does it means all of these has stopped? I will appreciate the comments. Much Love to All!

Hi Heart! I do not want to frighten you with this one because it is a little disturbing. I like to think that some things are put out there just to invoke fear. It is really hard to tell if some things are true or false. I watched this about that topic a long time ago. I hope it will help you. This is Harald Kautz Vella, from Miles Johnston's series Bases. Haralad have supposedly done scientific research about all this. Here you go:…
Thursday 16 June 2016, 17:20:57
I am still seeing chemtrails in California but more people are blowing the whistle on them now.
Thursday 16 June 2016, 19:41:09
Kasey M
more chemtrails here is Oregon too they haven't let up yet
Friday 17 June 2016, 01:36:23
Path thank you so much for the video. It helped me to understand a lot even though is not pretty. It is said that knowledge is power. I got to tell you that my internet went out 3/4 of the way of the video and was not able to finish watching. And then again when I was writing to you the system spited me out of the site completely ! But i try not to get me upset of discourage so I am writing to you again. My thought during the presentation was to perhaps ask Cobra about these topics, what is being done to help and how we could help.I guess this is what they call the octopus
Friday 17 June 2016, 15:14:38
It also came to my mind that Cobra had said that the grid was down and an idea that our stellar brothers know everything that is happening and are actively helping us. So i feel much more at ease. Not to say that we all need to meditate for all these negative to transmute into light and Love and also be an active participant in our own well being and our families by trying to eat healthier possibly organic, no vaccines, drink spring water or have a good purification system, read levels on foods and vitamins, read about the pharmaceuticals we are consuming and possibly switch to natural remedies, etc, etc! At least until The Event!!!!!!!
Friday 17 June 2016, 15:36:45
You are welcome Weird about your internet there.. :/ Yes as you say, knowledge is power. I think it is a good thing to educate yourself about everything. The unknown is often frightening in some way. If you want more about this I can recommend Bases 46 with Harald explaining more in detail, if I rememver correctly. It is two episodes.… and…
Friday 17 June 2016, 18:09:19
thank you and have a wonderful day!
Saturday 18 June 2016, 15:04:35
The chemtrail activity in my area of Michigan has decreased dramatically. It still occurs intermittently but not near the intensity/number of planes and are of the white variety. The dark chemtrails seemed to have stopped completely. From what I've learned, the planes that spray the dark chemtrails are being flashed into another dimension so they cease to be.
Saturday 16 July 2016, 02:02:17
Great, thank you Shane. Much Love to All!
Saturday 16 July 2016, 13:53:40
Hey Heart, check out my recent post on the public forum, leave your mark and and spread the word...kind of a big deal
Friday 19 August 2016, 09:14:30
So many chemtrails in London skies most people seem to think that's what the sky looks like. I've been in London and watched as a skyful of individual chemtrails spread out to cause a whole sci-fi toxic yellow cloud cover effect and Londoners were sitting around outside in the hot summer afternoon behaving as if it was completely normal. The light was the same kind you get when the sun shines through a bushfire smoke sky, or just before an eclipse takes place, when the sunshine turns a strange filtered yellow colour. Also notice them in other parts of the UK.
Monday 19 December 2016, 00:06:23
Yes Topaztree! I have witness this here too!! Recently i had lerarnd and finaly sunk in me that we have the power to remedy those. Meditate and state your intention to vanish the chem trails and their effects from our Gaia. Do it with conviction and emotion. You will see that it comes to be manifested! Please check this site "" ( Letters from Christ). You might have come though this info. I did to but did not follow it up. This time, i was ready and i got to tell you what a tremendous wonderful difference has made in my life. Please check it out and pass it on! Much Love!
Tuesday 20 December 2016, 14:23:32
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