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Hello to all.. new here, not so "new" in practice [...]

Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
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Hello to all.. new here, not so "new" in practice though, hoping to contribute... I feel I have a good grasp on life, I enjoy animals, talking to myself, thinking, defeating bailiffs listening, acting as the opposing council, languages, all my family, natural states of altered conscience, and various other stuff...... I would like to know about the manufactured challenges in your daily life. There are some I'm unfortunately exposed to and I like to tackle them... For me, there is TV License, Council Tax, Income Tax, National Insurance, Council Planning Permission, Water Bills, Energy Bills, Invasive legislation such as the "Dangerous" Dogs Act and so called "Acts" which sought to control altered state of conscience, and so on and so forth.. These are some of my challenges. I am having great success in many of these areas, some I am less experienced in dealing with. I would like to learn about that which I don't know too much of, and if I can help with anything I have much experience of I am more than happy to do my best in the role of guide

We shall rise, all of us, together
Great to meet you honey💁
Friday 17 June 2016, 20:06:46
[deleted user]
You too Gaynor :)
Friday 17 June 2016, 20:33:37
[deleted user]
Hey freeman check out the Midlands circle if your looking to hook up with people. We're in Northampton
Friday 17 June 2016, 22:23:37
Hi Freeman- glad you are here and no longer as TEST! Certainly we are learning from each other while guiding- one and the same thing really! So, great to have your views and experience. Thank you
Saturday 18 June 2016, 00:23:49
Good to meet you! sounds like you can contribute well to society. What do you knoe about Paying bills by endorsing the Giro-credit and promasary notes. Something i’m reading about and trying to develop!
Saturday 18 June 2016, 15:31:56
[deleted user]
Thank you so much for the welcome guys. I hope we will be doing a whole lot more welcoming of new people sooner rather than later........ And Equality333, i'm not entirely sure what is meant by "paying bills by endorsing the Giro-credit and promasary notes"... I have an idea of what you mean but cannot be certain, but I will say this. When it comes to dealing with "system procedure" my outlook is pretty simple, I do not deal with it at all, or as little as I can possibly manage.... the way I see it is everything put forth to me by "system procedure" is requesting my action. I do not wish to deal with any of it so I take no action what so ever. Letters from Council Tax , TV Licence, anything "motoring offence" related, Toll charges, Bailiffs/Debt Collectors, Water Bills, all go directly in the bin. OK OK, i do open them a read some from time to time bits just for a chuckle, and it is pretty funny. One Bailiff company even sent me a letter with a reduced offer of payment, and of course I agree on my own reduced rate, of zero pounds and zero pence lol...... Long story short, the bottom line being, if we are forced to use this form of money as our medium of trade, and at the same time I have to see the people around me struggle whilst they are forced under the threat of prosecution to give up around 20-50% of all money they gather to the most money dripped group of people around. I for one am not going to be just another passive face who allow himself to be taken for a prick. If I am to give up any % of what I have to anyone, I am going to give it directly to the people I see around me who need my help, and not to the ones who I only ever see through a screen whilst parading their "riches" who clearly need no help at all.
Saturday 18 June 2016, 20:34:17
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