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I reread the Health Circle synopsis today. I wanted to [...]

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I reread the Health Circle synopsis today. I wanted to mention that I am one of those people promoting and living "Whole-systems approaches for prevention and healing...emerging, natural treatments and technologies have the potential to cure..." I'm not alone. There are others on Full Circle who are involved in bringing these technologies to people who need them.
One of the things you can do to change the world in real and tangible ways is to support those who are doing the ground work in areas that you would like to see change, but don't personally have the time or expertise to address.
People like me - who support health freedom, preventative health care - not death care, whole person healing, technologies that work (sometimes emerging, sometimes ancient), and real action in the world by helping individual people get their physical, mental, emotional, and intuitional game running like Warrior Rebel clockwork.
I'm a coach and work with Chronic Illness & Pain, Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons, performance, and any other body issues. I want to see an army of clear thinking and acting sovereign human beings creating and implementing real world solutions - life systems designed to bring ourselves, families, clans, cultures, Earth, governance, and politics back into some semblance of health.
Though I have been active in many kinds of alternative healing modalities for the last 28 years, I've just opened my Embodiment Coaching business and I could really use help getting the word out about by business and my mission. I don't want donations - I want to change the world by helping people get what they want - which is clarity, health, focus, purpose, mastery, joy, liberty and freedom.
I'm a capitalist! (The real kind not the fascist-socialist-crony kind everyone thinks capitalism is these days.) I know that I can't expect something for nothing so I offer a 5% referral reward on everything the client you refer to me spends with me. Right now that's $21/mo per private client and $5/mo per group client. (You do have to notify me of who you are and supply me with a way of getting you your referral fee.) Also if you mention you found me on Full Circle I'll give you that 5% discount on services for yourself. I will also work with anyone from Full Circle on price if you are in need and still can't afford my services after the Full Circle discount. I will accept bitcoin and gold/silver.
Please feel safe and free to refer "normal" people to me. Coaching is about what you or they want, your truth. Whatever I think about Chemtrails or Government doesn't matter, and doesn't come up in our work unless my client wants it to. But, you can also be certain that I won't treat you like a crazy person for having Chemtrail Flu!
You can contact me through my website and I can support anyone in the world with high-speed internet or a phone connection, and I will soon be offering regularly occuring free workshops focused on world issues and how they manifest in our own bodies.
Anyone else have a business or other supportable endeavor that is making the world a better place? Mention them below! Can we strengthen each other and cross pollinate somehow between us?
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