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Has anyone researched the Testatika Generator built by Paul Baumann [...]

Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Has anyone researched the Testatika Generator built by Paul Baumann in Linden, Switzerland? Apparently Paul Baumann wasn't releasing how this generator worked until our civilization was spiritually ready (otherwise the technology would be abused) and if this is so, perhaps Ubuntu is the readiness he was looking for.

This website isn't the official site, but has some info and links to Paul Baumann's group as well as links to back engineered versions, etc:…

Paul Baumann, Testatika Generator, Methernitha Group: CH-3517 Linden, Switzerland

Photo Gallery & Videos:


Methernitha ~…

Paul E. Potter ~…

Hans Holzerr: Testatika Demonstration Notes…

Paul Potter: Back-Engineered Testatika…

P. Potter: Principle Experiment…

Anonymous: Believe It or Not --- Here It is!…

Cyril Smith: Testatika Generator and Over-Unity…

Methernitha: The Research Work of Methernitha in the Field of the so-called Free Energy"…

P. Potter: Transcript of Methernitha Testatika Video…

Testatika Demonstration (4 August 1999)

Translation by Stefan Hartmann < [email protected] > & Hans Holzherr

From: Hans Holzherr
To: Stefan Hartmann

Recently, over 30 technicians and engineers (most of them retired) were allowed to visit the Methernitha group in Linden, Switzerland, where they witnessed a demo of the different Testatika machines.

Here is a report from Hans Holzherr from Switzerland who was present:

Hello Mr. Hartmann,

To your questions: > Have you seen live a machine with a load? If so, what load?

I am referring in the following to the model with the 50-cm diameter disks. This machine was already running when the visitors stepped into the room, and was not halted during the whole time --- we were there for about 1.5 hrs. As a first load a 1000-Watt lamp was connected for approximately 10 seconds whose brightness did NOT diminish --- the corresponding sequence on the Testatika film is just an effect of the camera aperture's automatic adjusting to the sudden brightness! The second load was a U-shaped heating element, that Mr.Baumann handed to me. It became so hot within one second that I had to put it down immediately! What was particularly impressive was that while he pulled back one of the contact wires (that was with the lamp, I believe), a 1-cm long arc appeared between the output electrode and the connecting wire for approximately one second. The apparatus was under a plexiglass hood. Near the base it had two holes which Baumann used to insert the contact wires to touch the output electrodes.
Dawid J
I don't know much about this but 'humanity is not ready' part - I'm not buying it. Releasing blueprints for something that can safely and cheaply generate energy would change the planet.
Monday 20 June 2016, 02:01:21
Kari H
I know, that part is odd, but apparently they've been using this technology for years and various scientists have been able to view it and have come away stumped as to how it works. The inventor may have wanted this technology used to free mankind rather than further enslave mankind and has been waiting for an Ubuntu type movement to show we are ready. This could be, though I'm always skeptical too until I can see it work or know that trusted people know that it works.
Monday 20 June 2016, 04:07:55
Kari, have you been hiding something from me? I didn't know you were a free energy guru! We need to talk...
Monday 20 June 2016, 21:38:40
Kari H
Some of my other research / education had me tripping over a mention Paul Baumann and how the Testatika Generator was generating all the power for Methernitha in Linden Switzerland. I'd watched a video quite awhile back about another group like this and I wanted to see if it was the same one, so and I did a bit of Googling and came across bits of info. On a forum discussion from 2008, a fellow who tried to visit Methernitha while traveling in the region said Paul Baumann was still alive, but still not revealing how it works. I don't know if it's true, but here's that link:…
Tuesday 21 June 2016, 01:20:14
Kari H
This is a really interesting account of a 2008 visit to Methernitha and includes the contact info for the people who went there. It'd be interesting to contact them to see if they've had any follow up visits.…
Thursday 23 June 2016, 03:52:27
Ed Becnel
I can't believe it! I had no idea that Ubuntu had a free energy circle and I am the Free Energy Ambassador to Ubuntu USA. Anyway, I have not heard of Paul Baumann before. I will look into it and ask my connections in Spokane about this. Will get back with you all soon. Thanks for the info!
Thursday 23 June 2016, 15:59:13
Kari H
Quick note that
Trygve kindly pointed out that this Free Energy Circle isn't a sub circle of Ubuntu like I'd thought.
Thursday 23 June 2016, 17:23:22
Ed, I think I told you about this guy Larry from Kansas City. I tried to reach out to him because he is the CEO of a company called Limitless Energy Technologies. I never got in touch with him or his company. Anyway, I see there are 87 members now so welcome aboard Ed. If you click on the button that says "Connect (87 members)" you will get to a map - then zoom in to Kansas City.
Thursday 23 June 2016, 21:35:33
Toni L
Hey I went to Linden last year in April to try and find the Testatika. It turns out that the village used to use the Testatika for research only but since the passing of Mr Baumann, nobody is able to use it.

I was able to contact Mr Francis Bosshard, the community leader/representative. We had a telephone conversation and then he sent me the following message as well as the Methernitha Code:

Dear Mr Laderach,

Thank you for your information. I send you a short description of Methernitha and its aims. If you desire to get more information by personal contact you are invited to come to Linden Saturday 2 May about 10 a.m. Unfortunately I cannot offer you another date. The inventor of the testatica died for years ago. We never used this energy for us, only for further experiments. The inventor took his knowledge with him when he left us. We did not continue the research work because nobody of us is able to do it. When you come to Linden we will speak first of all about our community, its aims, its structures and our belief. If you should be interested especially for technical information a visit would be hardly worthwhile. Please let me know your decision.


Francis Victor Bosshard

I couldn't make it back to meet with him.

As expected, the Methernitha community is seen as a bit of a cult by the rest of society as it is a totally spiritual and deeply connected with nature and in fact wish to be "pulled away" from society (as explained in the Code).
In fact, it's only really the surrounding villages (where my family originates) that knows about the Methernitha community and Mr Baumann. He was considered to be a bit of a crazy man and this is fully understandable.
People are able to join the community and contribute their skills to the benefit of the community. I got the feeling that the Metherintha don't necessarily want to share their secrets with the world for obvious reasons and to learn more about the Testatica, one would have to immerse themselves in the community.
Linden is a truly beautiful place.
I have the Methernitha code and will be willing to share it if you like.

Sunday 10 July 2016, 05:12:14
Wow Toni! This is more information than I have ever heard about this topic. Thanks for pursuing Francis to get the information and thanks for sharing it with us. What is the Methernitha code and how can you share it. Is it something that you can email or post? I would be interested even if it doesn't lead to an endless source of free energy. Thanks!
Monday 11 July 2016, 16:48:01
Kari H
I'll add my WOW too Toni! That's marvelous that you contacted Francis and have learned more about the status of the Testatika and Methernitha. I'm very interested in the Methernitha code as well. I've listed to video taped interviews with Mr. Bosshard and I heard a lot in what he said about their community that were very similar to what we all like about Ubuntu. I liked what I heard about personal freedom and pursuing what one was passionate about. That's really cool that your family originates from the area. Pictures of the area are truly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing and let me know what way is most convenient for sharing the Methernitha code.
Monday 11 July 2016, 17:11:23
Toni L
Yea sure its in the form of a PDF so will be able to email to you
Monday 11 July 2016, 18:30:21
Toni L
Purely out of respect for the community I would prefer if the code wasn't shared on social media etc. (Even though it is an awesome philosophy)
Please send me your emails (in a private chat message if you prefer:)
Monday 11 July 2016, 18:35:01
Kari H
Sounds great! I've sent you my email via a private message. Thank you SO much!! :)
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 00:43:12
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