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the many uses of hemp; food, health, fuel, housing, clothing.
Saturday 18 June 2016, 18:50:11
Vote Hemp, the nation's leading hemp grassroots advocacy organization working to bring back hemp farming in the US, is excited to report that on February 7, 2014, President Obama signed the Agriculture Act of 2014, the Farm Bill, into law. Section 7606 of the act, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, defines industrial hemp as distinct and authorizes institutions of higher education or state departments of agriculture in states where hemp is legal to grow hemp for research or agricultural pilot programs. Since hemp has not been grown in the United States since 1957, there is a strong need for research to develop new varieties of hemp that grow well in various states and meet the current market demands.

Vote Hemp is a national, single-issue, non-profit advocacy group founded in 2000 by members of the hemp industry to remove barriers to industrial hemp farming in the U.S. through education, legislation and advocacy. We work to build grassroots support for hemp through voter education, registration and mobilization, as well as defend against any new laws, regulations or policies that would prohibit or restrict hemp trade.

Industrial hemp is the non-psychoactive, low-THC, oilseed and fiber varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hemp has absolutely no use as a recreational drug.
Saturday 18 June 2016, 22:25:42
[deleted user]
Thank you! I went to the votehemp site and took action. It's time to bring back natural healing methods. I have not tried the Hemp CBD oil but I hear others have with great benefits. I consume the hemp seeds daily with my morning vegetable juice:-)
Monday 20 June 2016, 15:37:09
Wow! This is very interesting!
Monday 20 June 2016, 16:37:35
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