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Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken
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Do you think this is feasible by simply saying "No" to everything? I don't think so.
I think that we have to work within our rotten, political and economic (etc.) system to create community-based, (more or less) self-sufficient local societies.
[deleted user]
If you are rightly prepared, the ignorance approach will work when it comes to the legal person and from what I can tell pretty much most of what that entails, but when others in our world callously contribute to such vicious acts and generally present themselves in an obviously deceptive manner all to the detriment of your home, these others cannot be allowed to operate without facing an opposer.... Think of it like the split between the "legal person" vc the living man.... With the paper you can just say "No", or as it is in actual fact, you simply "take no action", you are nothing more than the middle man between the letter box and the bin, afterall these letters are correspondence to a piece of paper which does not have the self capability of responding in written form, so why would anyone expect a reply. This method has brought me 100% success on that side of things. However with a living being, he will give the orders & carry out the acts which will see your environment perish around you, and where that is concerned saying "No" is just not enough. (Re)Action must be taken....... I do not think operating within our current social/political structure is the right way to continue as we attempt to adjust our course, I believe drastic change would be best (i.e. removal of all debt, replacement of current money structure & the free use of hemp would be a good start) however I do believe that the course we will most likely take is one of gradual change, so adapting current our current political/social system will most likely happen, but I think we may get to a point where we realise that that political show is nothing more than that, a show, and civilisation as we know it may just fade to black, into the lost memories of mankind as the collective concious at last elevates once again to a point where we are all collaborating towards a positive future, without remembering a negative past.
Saturday 18 June 2016, 23:18:09
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