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For the Lightworkers working on the clearing/healing of the Solar [...]

Phoenix, Arizona
via Prepare For Change
For the Lightworkers working on the clearing/healing of the Solar System's and our Earth's plasma field.
Positive results are evident and are to be expected by calling Pleroma, the plasma entity of our Central Sun who is also the Galactic Consciousness and Interstellar Wind.
By providing Pleroma an anchor point with our being and calling, the Love/Light of our co-creating is healing the plasma field, an unseen field most important to our consciousness.
The steady calling and recalling of Pleroma is necessary as secret government agencies on and off planet are continuously trying to revive and animate Yaldabaoth with their technology along with help from some 5th and 6th density Service to Self entities.
One thing interesting to see is that when Yaldabaoth is now called/invoked, it is Pleroma who answers..........And remember to get plenty of rest as the energetic transfer taking place from Pleroma is tiring.
Kasey M
this may explain why I am napping all the time and extremely exhausted at times.
Sunday 26 June 2016, 16:30:22
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