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I would like to join with people who are interested [...]

Breslau, Ontario
via FCP - Canada - Canada - viictoria B,C
I would like to join with people who are interested in emf and rf radiation and share knowledge
Michelle O
Hi, have you seen this video about smart meters and the health implications:…
Sunday 19 June 2016, 09:19:50
Hi Michelle. Good way to get peoples attention as
the issues are wide and touch everyone. especially the Smart Grid aspects. There is a Smart Meters Circle you can join on this site, and i'm sure you will find others in your area who are concerned/curious about this issue. I held several showings of this film at the place where we hold our FCP meetings about 2 years ago. This lead to us setting up a site in Spanish at a national level, spreading info and making posters and leaflets to place locally. I also approached the local townhall to have a night in the community center to offer the film which i ordered in Spanish. Its summer now (!!) so will have to wait until all the admin are back from their long summer holidays...and before the sm's are installed! I'll be interested to see how the village/local authorities respond and what % of people are prepared to say NO... vamos a ver
Sunday 19 June 2016, 10:54:34
To find like minded folks near you go to:… My analog hydro meter has been chained up since 2011 - I have to pay to not be irradiated with a Smart Meter. Impede the rush to self destruction
Sunday 19 June 2016, 18:37:29
Michelle O
Hi Lula, thanks for letting me know about the smart meters circle, I've just joined that one now. Also thanks for letting me know what you have been doing in your local area, that is good to know.
Sunday 19 June 2016, 21:50:31
Michelle O
Hi Fourfingerz, thanks for that link I will look into it. I like your name, is it a double 'up yours'?
Sunday 19 June 2016, 21:53:28
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