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happy marijuana monday! i was tipped to post this [...]

La Ciotat, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
via The Full Circle Project
happy marijuana monday! i was tipped to post this segment of a previous project i did speaking on the many truths about this plant and its' vilification throughout history.. here we have 10 mins of Max Igan & Rick Simpson discussing much insight about this.. it's what i consider to be chronic edutainment:::
So true AYM, and well-conceived. Thank you and... more please??
Monday 20 June 2016, 09:07:29
Love this great work
Monday 20 June 2016, 09:15:11
thanks guys! plenty more where that came from (…), but unfortunately i've had constant copyright issues that block some of my vids.. if anyone has any advice concerning youtube copyright issues, it would be much appreciated.. using the fair use act doesn't have a good success rate somehow btw..
Monday 20 June 2016, 09:40:36
maybe try Bitchute. We need to boycott YT!
Tuesday 25 June 2019, 07:15:37
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