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Hello All! I will be having an Ubuntu [...]

Tucson, Arizona
via Ubuntu - United States - Pima County - Tucson
Hello All! I will be having an Ubuntu meeting at my home on July 8th at 5426 E. 6th Street starting at 7:00 pm. I would like to invite all those who are currently members as well as others we may know that are interested.. I was thinking we could meet for about 90 mintutes (or more) so that we can introduce ourselves,, see where people are at, share information and determine how we can possibly meet or do a conference call possibly monthly or bi-monthly to update and inform. The collaboration webinar for all Ubuntu members is Sunday, June 25th and I hope most people can tune in so we can discuss that as well.
Please let me know if you will attend. Thank you!
Will try. Ty
Thursday 23 June 2016, 02:15:50
I was headed to Tuscon...ended up in El Paso after some adventures connecting with the Ubuntu circles in Dallas and KC...all about IC & Regional CD. I'll be along eventually if not sooner, exploring the great SW.
Monday 29 January 2018, 23:08:17
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