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Please every one do not think that free energy is [...]

Kintnersville, Pennsylvania
via Ubuntu Planet
Please every one do not think that free energy is not here, just know that free energy is all around you! all electric starts with the base line of static electric. do not think of a voltage that can shock or kill you, know that all around you is static electric energy. it gives life to the trees, the air, the food, the animals and all humans. water takes the form of what it is in and the oceans are showing you the static all around you, waves are a center-fudge of static. on a volt meter it shows you different forms of currents and the base line of all center-fudged electric is static electric. there is more electric going back the electric company than entering your house via the ground wire. only charged with a small of electric causes a drawl of static electric that is sent back and stolen from us. all inspectors look for is the ground wire is connected, because they work for the electric company. light bulbs are only showing you the electric passing through the wire. Tesla showed the world what static can do when center-fudged or a vortex is made. Perpetual motion machines are here as they have been for thousands of years. recirculating or power magnification give you the answers.
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