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We have a very exciting announcement!!! We have an opportunity [...]

Richmond, Vermont
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We have a very exciting announcement!!! We have an opportunity to purchase a large parcel of land to start the first Ubuntu community, conference center & headquarters in the USA! Please donate what you can. We are doing this Bernie Sanders style and the first Ubuntu community will be 15 minutes away from his hometown. OUR TIME IS NOW! Watch the video below to learn more:…
Kari H
I've donated and would love to find out more information about applications to take part in this effort in-person as well. Please keep us in the loop on how we can get involved. Thank you, love, and light! :)
Tuesday 21 June 2016, 20:30:50
Rebecca G
It would be great if this link were available on the website...maybe on the home page? I had some trouble finding how to donate.
Friday 1 July 2016, 00:08:39
Kari: Thank you for your contribution! we will be in touch as soon as there is more information. Rebecca : this in the link to donate:… Thank you! <3

Friday 1 July 2016, 21:46:43
Also Rebecca G: Thank you for letting me know about the ubuntu usa site. I actually only knew about and Ill try to make some connections and get it posted there.
Friday 1 July 2016, 21:49:57
Josef in Seattle
Is there any organized Ubuntu group in Vermont?
Sunday 3 July 2016, 18:01:39
Jeff H
Rebecca G,

The website is not an official Ubuntu Website the USA team is working on getting it from whomever owns it.

the official page is and I know it is on there just not sure where.
Monday 11 July 2016, 04:05:31
Im not sure what you mean by organised group @Josef in Seattle. Everything is in very early stages. We are in contact with the core UBUNTU USA team and leaders. Michael Tellinger is coming here in September for a three day conference & festival and to film a documentary on how this all starts.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 01:08:05
Rebecca G
Thanks Jeff H....however, the has more specific information for the USA. The official site is not particularly helpful for getting US information. Not sure what is up with needing to be "official"...don't we all want the same thing?
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 13:08:36
Josef in Seattle
Morgan, by an "organized group" I'm trying to connect with Ubuntu people in Vermont. I have joined the Vermont circle, but there don't seem to be any folks in there exchanging messages.Maybe there aren't boots on the ground in Vermont, but there is only this property opportunity?When you say "everything is in the very early stages" that doesn't tell us very much--those of us who are being asked to donate our money on faith alone to purchase 1000 acres of property.
Wednesday 13 July 2016, 17:50:42
Jeff H
Rebecca G, What I am saying is that the Core Group for the USA does not have any Input on so that is why we do not consider it in any way as an official message of the USA UBUNTU Core Group. We want it to be Official so the message is the same and is in line with the Ubuntu Philosophy and the USA core team Message. We are trying to make everything as Transparent and open and speaking in a clear voice as one.
Thursday 14 July 2016, 04:22:29
Michael E. V. Knight
Here is the url to the Ubuntu Planet USA FB page…
Saturday 13 August 2016, 01:49:00
Michael E. V. Knight
Here is the Ubuntu Contributionism USA FB page which i help admin…
Saturday 13 August 2016, 01:50:12
Michael E. V. Knight
Ubuntu Party United States web site
Saturday 13 August 2016, 01:51:39
Rebecca G
Thank You Michael!
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 04:32:14
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