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-ATTENTION ALL NSW AUSTRALIA MEMBERS- On the 2nd of July will [...]

Byangum, New South Wales
via Ubuntu Planet

On the 2nd of July will be the elections. We will be having three big organised meetups On the North Coast, Central Coast, And Sydney region.
All members attending need to rsvp a committee member in your region. The more people we can get together the better!

As a group, we should all meet up and introduce ourselves to brand new members and fill them in with the progress!

When everybody is ready, your team leader will have flyers ready and in teams of two we will go to separate polling areas to hand out flyers to voters for our Ubuntu Candidate Liam. Make sure to have your mobile phones with you, and we will need at least one person per group to have a car. If you need pick ups and drop offs makes sure to let the team leader know in advance.

Remember, stay safe, have fun! It is a big brave step we are all taking - and history shows that it is the brave who frontline progress!
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