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Like many of you, I care about social justice. I'm [...]

Harris Park, New South Wales
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Like many of you, I care about social justice. I'm an avid advocate of the underdog, the underrepresented, the misunderstood, the forgotten, the underresourced. I crave to add another voice to their small ones. I will fight alongside them and alongside all of you till the day we need to fight no more. I believe the world is a truly beautiful but fractured one. I've realised its not in anybody's best interest to loudly and aggressively wake 'the sleeping babies' but for those of us looking out of our brand new eyes, it is a moral duty to be gentle guides and pillars of strength to everything and everybody regardless of the point they're at on their life's path.
While it would be great to have the resources and energy to fight for every other thing on this planet that needs it. It is not a possibility to give that much of myself everyday and I have faith in the people who already are or more importantly instilling the confidence in the group in question, to lead the fight themselves. Instead, I have worked to ensure that my ideals, passions, morals and ethics can naturally align themselves with my life's purpose and my career path.
My specific passions are with some of the more vulnerable members of society: people living with disabilities (particularly looking at the earlier transistonal stages like early childhood, youth and early adulthood), child protection, education, indigenous groups, Mental illness, alternative medicines and other treatments.
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Helping the people having the hardest time is a noble act.. Although I cannot speak with great knowledge I have understanding enough to say that Tupac Shakur & Pablo Escobar spring to mind. 2 men with wide recognition who sought to bring political power to the poorest communities........ and just look at how they were treated by the government hailing from "land of the free".
Tuesday 21 June 2016, 20:40:38
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