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TTIP and such treaties are designed to give total power to the global corporations. That is why Goldman Sacks et al are financing the "Remain" campaign. The corporations will be in the position to ignore, completely ignore, any rules or regulations of our governments. Monsanto will have complete power over us all, no matter how much we object to their poisons products because the British Government will be subservient. Big Pharma will have complete power to impose vaccines and any drugs on the British population and the Government of Britain will be helpless to stop them.
I think Britain will remain and so this may be brought in. As far as I know it will have to go through parliament, correct me if I am wrong. But if so we should all tell our mp's to vote against it. Trouble is mp's get told by the chief whip how to vote and so they do. Some democracy with live. Sorry I meant to say with do not live in a democracy. With 28 un-elected commissioners in the EU calling the shots over us, what more can I say. I mean who in hell voted this lot that tells our parliament what to do.…
Wednesday 22 June 2016, 20:27:25
Surprised me this result. I thought they would definitely swing it it remain favour. But I am glad the way it went. No for the next Goon to lie to us.
Friday 24 June 2016, 15:03:53
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