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Those who are interested in creating peaceful safe places to [...]

Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape
via Ubuntu Planet
Those who are interested in creating peaceful safe places to reside in and travel from with higher consciousness, to be the best together, can attend learning and inner development sessions in Bitou, SA, at no charge, under the guidance of a life experienced business and community leader and business of life teacher, who is the main voluntary supporter, service provider and supplier of donated time, skills, resources and funds to drive community service projects in SA, who works with all interested in driving community services to build accommodation, feeding and admin facilities, to meet needs in community, so there is no worry, whilst living the purpose of life. We are seeking to accommodate the poor and hungry people off the streets and accommodate them in community halls, feed them nutritional food like rice and lentils with powered herbs and spices, oats with powered whey powder, canned beans with fresh or canned fruit and veg, provide the needy with soap, toothbrush and facecloth , blanket and mat to sleep on, whilst they voluntary support and serve the community in cleaning, building and maintenance, feeding and admin, recycling and food growing projects, so they can build unity and improved lives in community for community. Email your booking to attend a programme at certain times of the year or host a programme [email protected] Email or Skype MSA1WP your inquiry to receive personal service.
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