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Our first Ubuntu community in the USA! Ubuntu Vermont [...]

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Our first Ubuntu community in the USA! Ubuntu Vermont at Bolton Valley needs our help. When we get them going then we can get the next group going TOGETHER.… I have given what I can as of today. lets see if we can make things happen and bring about real change. Hope everyone will chip in. If we get 100,000 to pitch in $5 each - presto - it is done. If we get 50,000 people to pitch in $10 each - it is done. If we get 20,000 to pitch in $25 each, it is done. If we get 5,000 people to pitch in $100 each, it is done. Come on guys we can do this. Give up your Starbucks or cable for a month or two. this is easily doable and boy oh boy what an opportunity. Tell this to all you know and scream it from the roof top of where you live! Let's go get um. oxoxox Donna
John D
Hi Matt, I am Litchfield County My email is [email protected]
Wednesday 22 June 2016, 23:42:09
That is awesome Donna! Shame you have to use money for it, it seems we got luckier but introducing the concept to a property owner who is willing to open the property to us. If you can't get the money don't lose heart and try that approach instead :)
Thursday 23 June 2016, 01:30:26
Hi ryan this is what it is for and it will be owned by UBubtu
Saturday 25 June 2016, 00:07:07
would love to fill you in on whats happening! We are all, together with collective intentions about to purchase an entire ski resort, town sewer and water, a 200 room hotel, 20 condos 1000 acres and a bit more. The plans in place will take the entire resort off grid by winter. WE ONLY NEED 500k to make this work!! this is an amazing opportunity to have profit from the resort going right back into the community and town. We are the lotus Lodge, a retreat center and inn right in-between the bottom and top base lodge. There is so much more info and excitement regarding this all, collectively we just need to make this purchase you are welcome to call us directly many amazing people are already offering there skills and time. This is it everyone, this is it we have 2 weeks, lets do this!!!!!! 802-434-6500
Saturday 25 June 2016, 00:07:14
Oh wow that's huge! I want to contact you by Skype and discuss ways of picking up some funding from Aus. Im on there as Ryan Jackson-Saw.
Monday 27 June 2016, 02:17:16
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