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Just found this really are we supposed to believe [...]

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Just found this… really are we supposed to believe this is real !!! He looks like he has prophetics and his voice come on
Just do not look it up. Do not search news. Only use sites you know you can trust. Corporate media is brainwashing. They have mastered it and doing a very good job. C'est la vie. However it does not mean we can change things. I t will take time but as long as we persist at least we know there may be hope.
Wednesday 22 June 2016, 21:59:32
I don’t take it in only ther alternative independent media. But i do believe you have to know what they are feeding people so you can help them awaken to it :)
Friday 24 June 2016, 14:40:24
True but I seem to have passed that stage.
Friday 24 June 2016, 15:01:28
Maybe a bit hasty saying I do not look. I suppose I do but I will not read their articles but seek others who may be covering the same story.
Friday 24 June 2016, 15:08:47
I see what your saying but I feel how can you form an agument if you don’t know what the propoganda media is feeding. Everything needs a balance
Friday 24 June 2016, 18:44:01
Good point but I must admit I feel physically sick reading their stuff so would prefer someone else to just tell me what they said for any debate. If my wife has the television on and I see/hear any (keyword/sentences) propaganda that comes on, I switch myself off from it or ask my wife to turn over. I suppose that is level I am at.
Friday 24 June 2016, 19:06:44
I agree totally and I seems to able able to laugh it off these day as the shear ridiculousness of it . Happy days :)
Friday 24 June 2016, 19:11:03
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