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Thought I'd share this interesting message/update from the Galactic Federation. [...]

Granby, Connecticut
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Thought I'd share this interesting message/update from the Galactic Federation. Sure sounds familiar!!
Matt, What is your take on external help or guidance like this. The voice is computer generated and there is no identifying information about the person speaking. It is easy to get duped or misled.
Friday 24 June 2016, 03:24:42
This person says that he is channeling- not sure why the computer voice but I notice several do that.
Friday 24 June 2016, 04:44:11
This is a deep subject and more to it than what I can write in one post. The audio is an application that converts text to speech. It does make it difficult to comprehend whether it's real or not. And there, most certainly, are opportunities to be "duped". It takes a lot of time to begin to discern genuine vs bogus information. I do my best to look for cross references that confirm messages from multiple sources.

In regards to what's termed the "Galactic Federation". I can personally attest to having transmitted guides of this, sizeable, council. Which is how I received the vision, over 25 years ago, about a group of like minded people just like UBUNTU.

As for receiving outside assistance. Earth is a free will zone so, for years (and I mean thousands) entities outside of planet Earth, could only observe but not interfere. However, they/we have been able to communicate with individuals or groups who choose, out of free will, to be communicated with. Largely due to the shift in consciousness beginning in 2012 has it become more attainable to us.

I don’t believe there will be mass landings of assistance on our third dimensional plane. But, as so many of us are waking up to the corruption and control, we have begun to yearn to learn more of our, true, celestial origins. This form of communication/consciousness also has a lot to do with the time in our evolution, the Aquarian age. So now, we have the greatest opportunity ever to be able to communicate with our higher councils in higher states of consciousness.

The galactic council is made up of ascended masters who knew, very well, about things such as the UBUNTU concept and ancient civilizations, as they too inhabited Earth in the past. They sincerely wish to "guide" us and assist those that are able to communicate in higher dimensions to receive "road signs" so to speak. In effort to provide confirmation that we are (or are not) on the right path. Again, I most definitely belief there are frauds and shills everywhere. But in the case of the Galactic Federation, I would take, first hand, accountability to testify I have communicated with them.

If you prefer a human voice over text to speech, I would suggest looking up "Barbara Marciniak" . I also suggest researching "NESARA" and ancient Native American lore in particular the Hopi tribe. There are many varieties of "E.T.'s" and we contain hybrid DNA of many species. I would say that many people of our mindset would contain Pleiadian, Sirian and/or Arcturian DNA. These galactic races consider us family as a result. Just as the one percent who control the purse strings of planet Earth "know" they are from bloodlines derived from extraterrestrial races (Annunaki, Nephilim, Reptilian, Archons), which believes they are a supreme race and the rest of the bloodlines were (and still are) considered slaves. But we are not, we are free beings with God given rights to live peacefully on this planet. Enter the UBUNTU mission! It has taken me many years to understand the correlation between humans and other world races. I'm learning more every day. But I do know that when something resonates as strongly as UBUNTU in our being. It means we are connected to something than ourselves (ego) and a lesson that we came here many times over to learn and pursue.
Friday 24 June 2016, 14:27:20
Thank you, Matt, for that detailed response. I have stumbled on that same set of information myself, mostly through a process of elimination. I was looking recently at how 232 of genes in the Y chromosome have no homologs in primates. The secular reasoning is that they were cross inherited from bacteria (or vice versa). An alternative argument is that they are not terran in origin. I understand there are different reasons for using a text to speech convertor, but the identifying information appeared scant in the portion I heard. Also, I do not have the luxury of watching videos in their entirety with the connection I have right now (perhaps others are in that same situation?) so it helps if there is a brief synopsis of a video if a link is posted. Thanks again for the info! I agree with the importance of free will. I think my own concern is that we "don't skip any steps", either by simply being given tools or technology without understanding how they work, or by being led along or coerced. There is nothing like the satisfaction of having figured something out for yourself, and I think that "home grown" results are far better as they take into account the people, resources, skills and technologies that we currently have. Thanks again! Take care.

Friday 24 June 2016, 22:36:00
I totally agree, Clarence. Your points and perspective are totally valid! Most importantly to me too is, "we don't miss any points" as well. Everyone should take part in that process. Please feel free to keep in touch. There's much to learn and share from each other!!
Friday 24 June 2016, 23:13:08
Hi Matt. I am reading about the Hopi right now (…). It fills me with such disgust to hear once again about the slow process of assimilation that took place either by force, policy or education and religion. Disgusting! On the surface it looks benign, but when you put it together with some of the other material being revealed on this site and elsewhere, it speaks of a long term but consistent plan to divide and conquer. Just north of here there is building going on in earnest to construct single family detached homes that may sell for $300K+, and subjugate the "owners" to a lifetime of slavery. And these "homes" are scarcely half a dozen feet apart. Anyways, I also looked up NESARA. Interesting! One more thing I learned about 9/11. Take care.
Sunday 26 June 2016, 01:00:50
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